Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Humor: Ghostcrawler Tamable Beast

I woke up this morning and checking my Facebook after the University of South Carolina's big win last night against Florida and saw the MMO-Champion feed this morning where they apparently have a new beast at level 85 you can tame. 

Yes, the one, the only, the greatest community manager ever (25 year game card please), Ghostcrawler is a rare, elite level 85 mob that is tamable by hunters.  The funniest of Ghostcrawler's abilities is the "Nerfbat" which reduces your abilities "to the ground".  However, I thought of some other awesome abilities that would be awesome for this mob to have.

- Summon Moose: When below 20% health, he summons a moose to aid him in his attacking.  After taming, he can summon a moose mount for the hunter.  All other classes scream "HUNTERS ARE OP" when you pass them on the moose mount.

- Away, Unwashed Masses: Can fear your character.  Silences, stuns, and snares all at the same time.

- On a Boat: When below 5% health, Ghostcrawler heads to the closest boat, jumps in, and starts leaving.  Must kill/tame him before he gets to the boat.

- Pally Debuff: Immune to any paladin abilities. 

- Ban Hammer:  He uses this at 1%.  If this ability is not interrupted, you will immediately be disconnected and will not be able to sign on for 3 hours on that account.

- QQ More: Makes you blind and you start emoting crying emotions.  Last 5 seconds unless you are a paladin and it last 30 minutes, but you can't hit him anyway.


Vasburg said...

I'm going to farm this bastard. lol

Redhawks said...


You and ever other hunter in the game. After I get my main, mage, DK, and my paladin up to level 85, which won't be until several months into the expansion, I'm gonna start leveling my hunter so I can have my own Ghostcrawler.

That is not counting all the people who will kill it just for the hell of killing Ghostcrawler.