Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's the End of Azeroth As We Know It

Note:  I'm not an RPer.  I am not an RP writer.  However, with this momentous occassion of the Shattering happening today, I'm going to try to be an RP writer.  Plus, I have this awesome picture I took in game and immediately started thinking of a story to go with it.  Don't expect this often or possibly ever again.

Redhawks contemplating what tomorrow holds.
As I rode my gnome made rocket around Darkshore looking to take the precious eggs from the crazed moonkins, I thought of the irony.  A stronger moonkin killing his breathern for something as simple as an egg.  Eggs that may become valuable in the near future.  I knew the Feast of Winter Veil was coming and the demand for this eggs would be high, as always.  However, something different drove me this time.  Something was not as it seemed.

I have seen the cultist in Stormwind, proclaiming the end of the world.  And while I joined with the King of Stormwind, Varian Wrynn, to silence these dissenters, something about their message rang true.  Being a druid, I have an inant connection to the earth and something was not sitting right.  I could feel the elements around me even starting to turn against me.  Every Typhoon I cast seemed it was seconds away from returning to me.  I knew it wouldn't since I have long been able to control this ability, but it didn't seem right.  The earth under me seemed to be breaking.  Quakes all over Azeroth have been occurring and have been getting stronger and stronger as the days went on. 

Then, the elements started invading the cities.  Fire, Wind, Water, and Earth. No major city seemed safe from there terror.  We held them at bay, but we lost many while fighting those elements.  My gnome, dwarf, and human breathern, slain in the streets.  My beloved Darnassus  had been spared, thankfully.  With ever element I killed, I could almost hear the name of their master, Deathwing.

We have suspected Deathwing was planning something for a while.  In Northrend, we helped the Wyrmrest Accord defeat the evil Halion and Sartharion.  Halion mentioned in his defeat that what we have done would not change the master's return.  It was the first we have heard of this master.  We wondered who this master was.  In my mind, there was no question.  It was Deathwing.

If the cultist rumors were true.  If Halion was correct.  If even the elements seemed to speak his name, Deathwing would return.  As I gazed over the ocean, looking at the sunset in Darkshore, I thought if this would be the last sunset many in Azeroth would see.  I knew he was close.  Maybe even that night, Deathwing would rise and shatter Azeroth completely. 

For myself, I was not concerned about my safety or the safety of my friends.  We have brought about the Lich King's demise.  We had beaten an Old God.  We have proven ourselves strong adventurers.  I knew not what tomorrow held, but I did know that my friends and my brothers in arms would see this mighty dragon destroyed.  Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon.  Just as he has shattered Azeroth, we in turn will shatter him.        

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