Friday, November 26, 2010

What Next For the WoW Mobile App? I Have Some Ideas

With the WoW mobile app, we already have 3D armory access, auction house, and probably guild chat coming in the very near future.  So what should be the next feature that I think would be a great feature for the app.  I have a few ideas.

1) Out of Game Mail Management - Now, admittingly, 95% of my mail is from the AH so it is a non-issue.  However, people would communicate more through the mail system if people could get their mail out of game.  Need someone extra for a raid who is away from the computer, just in mail game them or guild chat them.

2) Crafting - Do you get tired of just having your character make X number of items while the bar is slowly moving across?  I know I do with my professions.  Since the mobile AH part of the app already looks in your bags, they should find a way to open your professioins and know what you can craft and you just make it with a press of a button.  Then, you can even post it in the AH immediately.

3) Battle.Net Integration - Why should I have to be logged into a game to see what my friends are doing?  In fact, I'm surprised this hasn't happened yet.  Show your RealID friends in game and you can message them from the app.

4) Account Management - Want to rename your character?  Or go ahead and set up a faction change for when you get home?  How about send an e-mail to yourself for a recruit a friend account?  All of these things should be possible on the mobile app?  Even if it just redirects you to the main site, this should be possible.

5) Guild Bank Access - Running late for a raid and need to get your flask, food, etc.  No problem.  You could just use the mobile app to pull out your flask and mail them to yourself to pick up.  Saves a little time.

6) Beastiary - This could be a feature that the mobile app could be used for even in game.  They already produce bestiaries to sell in book form.  Why not build it into the mobile app?

I'm sure there are probably a lot more features that would be great to have in the WoW Mobile App in order to make it seem more like our worth to pay the $2.99 for the monthly access.


Anonymous said...

I really like the idea of the Beastiary, integration, and account management. All of those things make perfect sense to me.

I'll admit, I'm hesitant towards crafting. I've seen too many people making moves towards owning the AH through the mobile app (I'm even related to a person doing it). Being able to buy mats, craft goods, then list them on the AH and control prices makes me twitch.

Redhawks said...


I could see where there could be huge market manipulation with crafting in the mobile app. However, considering the number of current level epics on the AH, it is pretty easy to manipulate even without the AH app. I am kind of looking forward at level 85 to making the starter PvP gear with leatherworking for people who want to start doing rated BGs. I'm sure they will be sellable on the AH after I finish gearing out my guild.