Monday, November 29, 2010

Deathwing Caused .......

This was one of the running jokes that I saw around patch 4.0.3a that Deathwing caused certain things, which was mostly bugs in the game.  So since we are one week past patch 4.0.3a, let me go through some things Deathwing caused.

1) Moonkins to Forget How To Automatically Shapeshift When Mounting - Somehow, I can mount in bear form and cat form.  However, if I try to mount up in moonkin form, I have to shapeshift out manually then mount up. 

2) Major Cities To Get Lag - Have you been to Stormwind lately?  I would have thought that since Horde and Alliance are once again split up that we would see lag improve.  I am getting the same FPS that I got in Dalaran in Stormwind.  Maybe only slightly better.

3) Wrynn to Become a Douchebag Again - Seriously.  A dragon comes by and destroys your city and one of the first things you do is built a monument to yourself.  You are a douchebag.  And I'm even Alliance and I'm calling you a douchebag.  But at least we don't have Garrosh.

4) Northrend to Empty Out - Unless you are leveling (and why are you leveling right now anyway), there is nobody in Northrend right now.  It didn't ever really happen in Outland because they had DKs who went there immediately.  

5) Getting to Current Raids a Little More Difficult - No portals equals no hearthstones set in Dalaran which means you either need a summon or a mage portal.  That is why I'm glad I got my Argent Tourney tabard to at least get to Northtrend without having to set my hearth there.

6) Everything to Get Prettier - Ok, this is more Blizzard and not so much Deathwing, but everything looks better.  The graphics engine has been improved drastically.  Even with heavier lag like in Stormwind, it just looks really good.

7) Leslie Nelson's Death - I can only assume that the sudden death of the greatest spoof comedy actor of all time was caused by Deathwing.  OJ Simpson couldn't cause his death and he is an (alleged) murderer.  Only the evil of Deathwing was able to bring down Leslie Nelson. 

8) Beattles Being on iTunes - Nobody could convince Yoko Ono to let the Beattles music be on iTunes but Deathwing himself.  I'm sure every company has been trying to get their music for year, but Steve Jobs unleashed Deathwing to "convince" Yoko on letting the music come to iTunes.

9) Kenny vs. Spenny Ending - Yes, this has hit me the most hard until Leslie Nelson died.  My favorite Canadian TV show, Kenny vs. Spenny, is ending its run after 6 seasons and 87 episodes.  Although I live in the US, I have all 6 seasons on DVD and will find a way to get the Christmas special in the US.  Good luck to both of them.

10) A Whole New World, A New Fantastic Point of View - Don't believe me, check out the NPC comic from last Friday. 

Also, why can't tailors have two person carpets?  That would be awesome.  You could literally recreate Aladin in game.

I'm sure there were a bunch of other things that Deathwing caused, but most of them are annoying bugs. (Hello purple walls in Isle of Conquest)  But now, we have 1 week until the release of Cataclysm.  I'm Honor capped.  I'm going to get Justice capped this week or at least close since the first normal dungeon each day gives 75 justice points.  Hopefully, this week, I will give you my Justice Points level 85 spending list for my moonkin before next week.


Julio Biason/Thorianar said...

Garrosh is awesome:

Julio Biason/Thorianar said...

Erm... Forgot to mention, in a more serious note: Although Orgrimmar is a bit crowded at this point, it's not lagging so bad. Undercity is really empty, which is kinda weird (for those Alliance only, Undercity would be the Ironforge -- can you imagine IF somewhat empty?)

Redhawks said...


Actually, Garrosh is ok. I just remember him from Argent Tourney. He is trying to stop the craziness that Sylvanas is doing so he can't be all bad.

Also, when I did play Horde, I always remember Orgimmar being crowded. And the decrease in FPS may be just related to better graphics plus more people than usual in one spot. In other cities, I can run about 120 FPS. In Stormwind now, I'm running about 35-40 FPS.