Friday, November 5, 2010

Oh Blizzard, You Soothe Us and Then Rip Our Hearts Out

Well, well, well Blizzard.  Almost a month after 4.0.1, you still manage to surprise me a little and it is something I have not seen anybody pick up on until last night.  Here is what happened:

Last night, we were on 25 man LK doing "Been Waiting a Long Time For This".  We only had one hunter. (Hi Loganw!!!)  We were trying to find out how to take off the enrage off of the Shambling Horrors.  Looking through our spellbook, another druid saw that we had a small change to one of our talents.

Soothe - Removes an Enrage effect from a target

Now before, we would never cast Soothe.  We always had hunters to take off enrage effects.  Looking at the history of it, this was changed in 4.0.1 to make it useful for druids.  It is also castable in any form which means feral tanks can remove an enrage effect and make it a lot easier to tank. And, yes, Soothe works against the Shambling Horrors.

This means that as of 4.0.1, druids now have an interrupt (Solar Beam), a silence (Solar Beam), a snare (Typhoon unglyphed), a knockback (Typhoon unglyphed), a melee CC (Entangling Roots), a beast CC (Hibernate), and an enrage remover (Soothe).  Druids are becoming more and more of a nice CC/utility tool. 

However, as soon as Blizzard gave us something new and awesome like a tool to remove enrages, they have to change it a little.  Currently, it is an instant cast.  In the latest beta patch, they changed it to a 1.5 second cast.  Now, I don't know yet if it will be modified by haste to come down to a single GCD since I have heard we have insane amounts of haste at 85.  If it does, it will make it better.  If not, then hunters will have an even bigger advantage when taking enrage off of enemies although they can take enrage off of three subjects at once now.

So, the next time you need the enrage off of something and you don't have a rogue or hunter, just remember that as a druid, you can also remove that enrage effect now.


Rilgon Arcsinh said...

It is also ridiculously sub-optimal for anyone BUT a Druid to remove enrages now, given the ridiculous cost of Tranquilizing Shot (8.75 seconds worth of Focus for a Hunter) and the melee range restriction of Shiv.


Redhawks said...


Yeah, unless a feral is tanking the mob that enrages, I'm thinking this is going to fall on the moonkins. Resto will be focusing on healing. Feral cats could be doing it, but they have a much more complex rotation than moonkins. This means removing enrages will fall on the moonkins. Good thing for the new Eclipse.