Monday, November 8, 2010

The Beauty of Justice Points in Wrath

This weekend was a WoW weekend with the girlfriend working.  Besides trying to finish leveling up my DK's herbalism and skinning, I also got to work on my pally's inscription some. (F.Y.I Just My Two Copper was right, this is a gold mine, even at the early glyph stages.  Plus, you get 3 skill points per glyph. I have made about 2k gold on my pally since picking up Inscription and it is only at skill 374.)  I also got to do VoA on my druid over this weekend in my starting pursuit to be at 4k Justice Points prior to Cataclysm.  It was in VoA that I saw the beauty I haven't seen in Justice Points before.

Prior to 4.0.1, most VoA groups went like this.  We go in and kill Toravon for the Frost badges.  In 25 man, we may do the fire guy just to get some PvP gear or help a lower level alt.  They were quick runs, but we usually left two to three bosses up.

After 4.0.1, this changed.  We actually did all 4 bosses to get Justice Points and Honor Points. (Remember that the VoA bosses drop Honor Points as well.)  And I forgot how much fun Emelon was.  I mean Archevon is still the tank and spank he always was and in mostly heroic ICC 25 man gear, he went down like a little bitch.  But it was great to do all 4 bosses again.  Then I realized why Blizzard went with Justice Points instead of continuing Emblems.

If Blizzard continued Emblems, there would be no reason to do optional bosses.  Now, when Valor points come out, this may happen again.  However, all the Valor points get converted to Justice points when the next tier opens up, so you still have incentive to do all the bosses in a raid because the current Tier of gear also drops to being bought with Justice points.  Skipping bosses will only be an option for the highest level of raiders in Cataclysm, but even right now, you should be wanting to do all the bosses in a raid to get those Justice points.  There are only two raids I can think of right now that have optional bosses, which would be Ulduar and VoA, but you should be wanting to do all the bosses you can right now just to hit the Justice Points cap.

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