Monday, November 15, 2010

3 Week Gameplan - Final Things to Do In Wrath That Every Raider/PvPer Should Do

Looking at the calendar, tomorrow will be three weeks away from Cataclysm.  Our guild has ceased raiding until after the expansion to allow us to focus on getting ready for Cataclysm. So what should you do if you are raider to get ready for the next expansion that is possible in the next 3 weeks?  Here is my list of things:

1) Justice Points Capped - I would run heroics/PUG raids until you get up to 4k Justice Points.  Doing that will allow you to get at least two pieces of gear when you hit 85.  This should be easy for tanks and healers with relatively quick queues.  DPS, try to find yourself a pocket tank or healer from your guild.

2) Honor Points Capped - Now that I have been accepted into our rated battleground team, I would really like to be honor capped before the expansion, which is also 4k.  We are running premades with mostly guildies and a few PUGs to advertise our rated battleground group.

3) Level Professions Up to 425 At Least - My moonkin's professions (Jewelcrafting and Leatherworking) are both at 450, but I have a few alts that at least need to be at 425 going into the expansion.  This will allow you to level up your profession while you are questing or LFDing.  Also, armor makers should know that they will be able to build the first set of level 85 PvP gear, which will help you as well going into rated battlegrounds.

4) Start Collecting Raw Profession Materials - After expansions, you generally see the price of raw materials from the previous expansion, like uncut green and blue gems, enchanting dust or essences, cloth, leather, ore, etc., go up in price substantially.  Unless you can make something you know without a shadow of a doubt that will sell in the next 3 weeks, don't make it.  I will direct you to Just My Two Copper for a much bigger list of what to hold and sell.

5) Get Pertinent Alts to Level 75 (Preferably Level 78) - After getting my moonkin honor and justice points capped, I need to level my DK up 3 levels to level 75 and my paladin 10 levels up to level 75.  Main reason is because my DK is my skinner/herbalist and my paladin is my inscriptionist.  They are what I would call pertinent alts.  If they will be able to assist your main's professions, for example my DKs skinning helping my moonkin's leatherworking, then they need to be in a place to get professions as soon as possible.  If you can get them to level 78 before that, it will be even better since they can step into Cataclysm content immediately.

6) Get Other Max Level Alts Justice/Honor Capped - This will be the if I have time thing to do before Cataclysm.  If I have time, I would like to make sure my mage is Justice and Honor Points capped.

7) Close Achievements That Are Possible - I have my Glory of the Icecrown Raider for both 10 and 25 mans, so I have no real incentive to step foot back in ICC.  However, if I see a group doing 10 man HMs Ulduar and I can get Ignis, Mimiron, and General, you bet your ass I would jump on it to get another drake.  Don't chase ones that you are far away from since you could use your time much more efficiently right now.

I'm sure that every person has some individual goals that they would love to accomplish prior to Cataclysm.  However, these are the things that I feel every raider or rated battleground PvPer should be doing up to Cataclysm.


Moonra said...

good idea on the raw mats, I'm going to farm leather tonight!

Maplesyrup said...

Great post. Thanks for making me think of what needs to be done. I should take stock in what I've got tonight.

Ceraphus said...

As a heads up, level 78 won't get you into Cata content. Blizzard changed the starting zones in Cata to be level 80 min. Even the starting dungeons will require you to be level 80

HettyA said...

Thanks for the list, it gave me ideas for things to do! :)

Redhawks said...


Yes, that is great idea. My enchanter has about 15 stacks of infinite dust just waiting for Cataclysm.


Thanks. It really is a great idea to look in your bank just to see what you have and what you can sell now and what you can keep and sell for higher later.


Thanks for the info. I just assumed it would be like BC and Wrath where you could go in 2 levels before. It would make sense for them to break it up a little. I even heard talk about them seperating the professions a little more by making some recipes that will be used by level 500s or greater into something that only 84+ can train.


You're welcome.