Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rapid WoW News - Prelude to the Shattering

Today's post is just gonna be WoW news and opinion as we get close to the release of Cataclysm:

1) Elemental Invasion Starts - With what little time I played around on the PTR, this is where the fun starts in Phase 4.  Elementals attack the cities and you will need everybody around to be able to kill them.  It starts off easy with non-elities.  Then you get the elite level 80 mobs.  Finally, once everything is calmed down, you get to fight the 4 bosses in 5 man groups.  Apparently gear is 251, so if you just hit 80, probably not a bad thing to do.

2) Patch 4.0.3 - God, I hope the background downloader did its job and has downloaded majority of the patch.  If not, I'm gonna go to Filefront and get the 1GB file.  Anyway, this sets up for the true Cataclysm, which is 4.0.3a. (Which is basically where they flip the switch and the entire world gets broken apart, a.k.a The Shattering.)  If there is any pertinent druid changes, you will see a second post from me today.  The only thing I saw was they are making Sunfire scale correctly with haste now.

3) Murloc Steins  - Looks cool, but I don't drink out of steins.  Especially ones that look more like decorative pieces.

4) Dial In Authenticator - For cheap bastards without smart phones who think $6.99 is just a tad too expensive.  Now, there really is no excuse.  Authenticate your stuff.

5) Blizzcon Pre-Sale Items Not Shipped - While I personally did not get anything from the Blizzcon pre-sale online, a lot of people I follow on Twitter did.  Blizzard, get your shit together.  It has been almost a month past Blizzcon.  People need their stuff.

6) Russian Gets All WoW Achievements - Good for you.  Now, you can spend 3 weeks away from your mother. 

7) Cataclysm Race Changes Day 1 - As much as I would love to start with a level 80 worgen, I'm gonna wait because you know when Cataclysm hits, their will be hundreds of thousands of people who want to race change with the new race/class combinations. Plus, I want to see Worgen racials before I decide to change or not.

8) 25 vs. 25 Rated Bracket Gone - Too bad, I was looking forward to rated AV and IoC with 25 guildies.

9) Diablo 3 Possibly to Consoles - Not so much WoW news, but cool for PS3 and Xbox 360 owners.  Sorry, Wii owners, I don't think Diablo 3 will run on your console.

10) Moonkin Hatchling - Ain't it the most adorable thing you ever seen.  Just look at it.  LOOK AT IT SO THAT YOUR HEAD WILL EXPLODE FROM THE CUTE.  They even try to fly.  Silly moonkins, moonkins can't fly.  All of us adult moonkins have tried to at least once.  This is definitely a day one purchase from the Blizzard store for me.  Maybe both of them if you can.

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