Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Post-Cataclysm Release Plans - A Timeline

Sometimes, even good things can come back and bite you right in the ass.  Here is my example.  I had vertical gastric sleeve surgery in October, a surgery that I desperately needed.  (Lost about 85 lbs already) However, to have this surgery, I had to take two weeks off during October.  This left me with barely any leave at all.  This in turn means that I won't be able to take off the week after Cataclysm to level my druid to 85.  This also means that I have to be a little more careful about how I plan to level.

Here are the facts that I think are going to hold true when trying to level in Cataclysm.  Fact 1: LFD will be the quickest way to level if you get instant queues.  Fact 2: If you do not have instant queues, questing while waiting on LFD will be the quickest way to level.  Fact 3: Expect wipes in LFD due to overzealous DPS who can't define what a CC is much less how to use it.

So, with these facts in mind, here is my timeline for leveling after Cataclysm is released.

Day Before - I have the Argent Tourney tabard and did all the Argent Tourney dailies right there, which equals about 9 quests.  I'm going to log out in the inn there so when I get back in game, I can immediately turn those quest in.

Day of Release- Assuming that we are not getting "World Server is Down" every 5 minutes, turn in all the Argent Tourney quest, then hearth to Stormwind and start flying.  My first goal is to find all the dungeons in Cataclysm.  There are several guides on how to find all the dungeons.  The guide I personally would recommend is http://bit.ly/gtdHos. Here are the pics from the site as well for you to look at.

I would recommend this for everybody, DPS, tanks, or healers, because you will want to queue for those while you are questing according to fact 2.  Once I find all the dungeons, it is time to decide which one I want to do.  Since my second leveled character is my mage, I will get to do the quest with her since I will be waiting for queues.  For my druid, I can tank and will tank LFDs to get the instant queues since it will be the fastest way to level per fact 1.  I will play from 5:30 EST until Midnight EST stopping only for dinner and talking to my girlfriend. Log out in an inn or just stay in Stormwind anyway and put up needed goods on the AH.  Send greens to my mage for disenchanting. Day 1 Goal: 81.

Day After Release - Work, then playing from 5:30 EST until Midnight EST with same stops.  Day 2 Goal: 82, halfway to 83.

2 Days After Release - Work, then playing from 5:30 EST until Midnight EST with same stops.  Day 3 Goal: 84.

3 Days After Release - Work, then playing from 5:30 EST until Midnight EST with same stops.  Day 4 Goal: 85.

Now, I have not seen the leveling curve in Cataclysm so this may not even be possible.  However, I'm think that one level a day should be reasonable doing LFD. Worst case this would be doubled to a level every 2 days.  Again, with fact 3, I'm not accounting for wipes due to stupid DPS who thinks that this is still Wrath of the Lich King. 

4 Days After Release - Weekend so I will spend a lot of time playing. (Under the assumption that I'm not hanging out with my girlfriend.  She comes before WoW.) I need to make my first Justice Point's purchases before I start doing heroics.  I may even do this ahead of time since I plan to be Justice Points capped prior to Cataclysm.  Later this week, I will put out a list of what my purchases with Justice Points will be.  Random heroics to try to gear up.  Also, I need to level my professions during this time.  I will do Leatherworking first since it will give me gear I actually need for PvE and PvP then I will hit Jewelcrafting.

5 Days After Release - More Weekend.  More Heroics.  More Gearing Up for Raiding.  More leveling professions.

6 Days After Release - Work, then heroics, justice points spending, getting raiding gear, and leveling professions.

1 Week After Release - Stepping into the first raids with at least 10 members of our guild.

As I said, this may not even be possible, but this would be the ideal I would like to happen.  I'm sure my plans will get shattered to pieces once I figure out how long it takes to get a level.  But this is what I'm hoping.  It may not even be possible.  However, I see some advantages to doing it this way.  The main advantage is that the LFD will have some of the best possible gear anyway.  So while I'm leveling (levels 80-83) I'm gonna be going for tank gear to make me a better tank.  The last two levels, I'm gonna be going for moonkin gear to start gearing up for raids at least.  Also, it will help me learn the LFD instances when I step into the heroics.  A lot of people questing up to level 85 won't have a chance to run those instances until they start heroics.  It will give me a knowledge of those mechanics and will be able to help the heroic LFD groups I get in.

I know everybody is going to have different plans for when Cataclysm releases in one week, however, for my druid, I think this is going to end up being the best way for me to level.

Also, just a reminder.  The moonkin hatchling is out in the pet store.  If you want the most adorable pet in game right now, go get it.


Robbie said...

Sounds great and good thinking on finding the instances.

Redhawks said...


Thanks. Reading through the encounters in the dungeons is one of the major reasons I want to get in there as often as possible. I think the 5 man bosses are gonna be something that will be remembered in this expansion.