Monday, August 2, 2010

The Walls (of WoW)

This weekend, when I wasn't spending time with my wonderful girlfriend, I spent time trying to finish leveling up my tailoring and enchanting.  However, I found out a dirty little secret about leveling both at the same time. You run into a wall.  The wall is tailoring level 420.

Now, you are probably wondering why I said tailoring level 420 is a wall for both tailoring and enchanting.  The main reason why is that you have to make some decisions at that point.  Yes, you can make the gray gear and then disenchant it.  However, what do you do with the infinite dust you get?  You could either make more enchants and get your enchanting higher.  However, you can also make bolts of imbued frostweave and make frostweave bags, which sell for a very nice price on the AH and raise your tailoring skill.  So it seems like at this point that I have to choose which I want to finish off first.  I can finish leveling tailoring and make money to help finish leveling enchanting or I can finish leveling enchanting and then level tailoring up to 450.  I'm leaning towards tailoring first to make the money with the bags and then finish enchanting after that.

This goes back to another post I wrote about extra Emblems of Frost.  You get to a point where you literally cannot buy anything else but primordial saronite or PvP gear with your Emblems of Frost to help your character.  I cannot buy gear for my mage with my druid's Emblems of Frost.    

I'm sure some people get this way with raiding.  Even Paragon this past weekend defeated HM LK 25 man with no ICC buff.  What do you do after that?   I bet there are a lot of canceled Paragon subscriptions this morning because they have literally done everything the game has to offer.  No ICC buff HM LK 25 man kill is their wall.

So how do you deal with the walls of WoW?  Here are just a few of my suggestions:

1) Make a List - I did this myself to see what I have left to accomplish in this expansion.  Even if you have killed HM LK 10 or 25 man, there is more you can do.  Have you got your Ulduar drakes?  Have you got your Sarth + 3 drakes red drake?  Have you got Tribute to Insanity in TotGC?  Even when you think you have done everything, you can find something. 

2) Look Elsewhere for Goals - Sure, you may have done everything on your main, but how about leveling an alt.  I am going to try to get my DK and warlock up to level 80 before Cataclysm hits.  If you haven't done the DK starting area, I would at least go do that even if you have no intention of leveling it up to 80 just for how awesome it really is.  This game is so expansive.  I would even consider going after Loremaster if I didn't have a list of stuff to already do.

3) Spread the Love - Consider using your main to help some other guilds make some progress where they are struggling.  Just like Pink Floyd's "The Wall" warns against isolation of yourself from the world, I'm recommending not to isolate yourself to your hardcore guild.  Sure, you may have to save yourself for your guild's 25 mans, but you can lend your support to help another guild with their 10 mans to help them get further and see more content.  Plus, it will give a better name to the hardcore versus "elitist jerks".

4) PvP - Have you tried to hone your skills in arenas?  Have you tried to run in some premade BGs?  These are all options.  Plus, I'm sure your honor points will hang over into Cataclysm just like they did into Wrath so you will be able to get some PvP gear up front in Cataclysm.

5) Prepare for Cataclysm - You know what your profession or guild will need going into Cataclysm.  This is the biggest thing I could recommend.  Even if you yourself are set, there is stuff your guild will need.  Help get them ready.  Even if you are happy with your gear, continue raiding to help those who aren't as geared.  Because the easier it is for them to level, the easier it will be to start raiding at level 85.

I'm sure there are a bunch of things that I cannot even think of in game right now to do, but every player knows what needs to be done.  So I would recommend, look for yourself and see what you can do in the final months of the expansion.


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