Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Rookie Druid: Part 2 - Cheap Labor (LFG Adventures) - A Guest Blog Post by Viktory

This is part 2 in a week long series by Viktory, a guild mate of mine in Conquest, about leveling his new druid.  Also, after part 1, he said he wanted to see some Lolcats, so here it goes.

Now I had a RAF partner and a plan, but I still had to learn how to play the class, and, oh yeah, level up the toon.  To that end, we decided that instead of power-leveling on our mains and hitting 60 in 19 hours, as I did on my priest pre-3.0, we would actually play the low levels.  Further, I would go feral and he would go resto, so we could exploit the insta-queues in LFD as we leveled.

Let me tell you, this worked pretty good about 1/2 the time. 
The rest of the time, here's what I ran into:

        That one dps that blizzards/consecrates/volleys before I even got to the pull
        The dps who really wants to tank extra pulls while we're still on the main group; I’m looking at YOU retadins.
        A healer who fell asleep/watched tv (hey, wait... my RAF-partner was healing me, why did I have to use cool-downs on trash?)
        Party members who don't pay attention and drag in extra pulls, then run the mob AWAY from the tank...../facepalm
        Instances I had never run on any toon (hello Mauradon, why are you the worst place to run back to after a wipe?)
        DPS that want full clears instead of just the assigned run

On that last point, I've come to realize that this is because while I had insta-queues, and thus turned a HIGH profit on the LFD bonus multiplied by RAF, these dps were waiting 15-45 minutes for a run that yielded 1/3 the xp I was getting.  A regrettable difference, but not something that I was often swayed to deviate from.  Hey, gotta get THIS alt up, not everyone else's alt.

Stay tuned for the end of the bear and the birth of Kaboom!

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