Monday, August 16, 2010

Duelboxing And RAF: Part 1 - Preperation

The Recruit a Friend program in WoW has been incredible in getting new players to start playing WoW and getting old players to level new alts.  However, the people who have benefited the most from RAF are duelboxers.  If you are able to duelbox, you can get a lot of 60+ characters quickly.  The first time I duelboxed, I got 4 total.  I got my mage, who is now 80; my warlock; my hunter; and my DK all above 60.  This is the first part in a new series where I'm going to layout what you need to do duelboxing successfully.  I have decided this time to try and take on a new challenge.  I'm going to be duelboxing a paladin and a shaman up to level 60.  This is the first in a 5 part series in showing how to duelbox in WoW.

First things first.  Duelboxing is a confusing term.  It sounds like you need two computers to be able to do it.  That is not true at all.  What you will be doing is running two WoW clients at the same time.  Windows players have it easy.  You just have to start up the game twice.  Mac players, it gets a little more hairy.  I will refer you to WoWWiki to see how to duelbox on a Mac as they have a good explanation. 

Next, you will need to look at your graphical settings.  Now you may be able to raid on Ultra settings but with running two game clients at the same time, you probably won't be able to.  You will have to turn down your graphical settings some.  When you actually start duelboxing, you can play around with it some to find the right settings.  

Now, you can't duelbox on the same account, so you will need a second WoW account.  This is where the RAF comes into play.  Go to the WoW main site and sign up for the RAF but send the e-mail to your same e-mail address.  You can run two accounts on one e-mail though.  Having it on the same account will also make it easy when you want to transfer your duelboxed characters to the same account.

Finally, the last thing you have to think about in preperation is what classes you want to play.  I would not duelbox until you have at least gotten one character to 80 because when you start duelboxing, you will have to think about advanced macros, addons, etc.  and the more experience you have in game, the better off you will be.  The list I like to look at for combinations is at the Sleepy Priest, who goes through an excellent list looking at every combination of possible duelboxing combinations.

Next post, I will get into the essential addons you will need as well as the importance of a little program called KeyClone.

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