Monday, August 9, 2010

The Rookie Druid: Part 1 - Background and RAF Start - A Guest Post by Viktory

Welcome to the first in a week long series of post by a guild mate of mine, Viktory.  He is an incredible priest in our guild.  This week, he is going to be discussing the process of leveling his druid and I hope you enjoy it.  

When I unpacked WoW and created my first character (link:, was a druid.  I figured "hey, here's a class that can do damage and heal and looks like I have few options how I want to play it"

I went along happily leveling this character as balance-spec, spending copious amounts of time in Warsong Gulch and Arathi Basin, right up until Patch 1.8 was released.  Yes, I quit playing balance when Boomkins (known as "oomkins" in those days) came out. ::Queue the booing::  Not that I didn't like the class changes, but leveling was going too slow and my hunter alt became more appealing.

Fast-forward 4 years to this summer, I’m raiding ICC-25 HM on my priest, have 80 hunter and warrior alts, and yet as I read the first class changes from Cataclysm, I realized that I wanted a druid again.  Having fond memories of PvP, I tried playing my original toon, but couldn't pick up the mechanics as easily as I'd hoped, and, in truth, I'd geared him pretty awkwardly back then, and was disgusted with myself for it.

To solve these problems I got myself a RAF (recruit-a-friend) partner and convinced him that between raiding, work and social-life, we should level a pair of druids.  Sounded like a great idea:

        Flexible gearing as we leveled (oh wow, every piece of gear that comes out of those blue bags is useful for one of my three specs?  Shoot, that's awful!)
        Hate tanking? Go Boom!  / Bored healing? Go Boom! / Don't like Boom? What's wrong with you?  Meh, go play a kitty and eat your cheezburger.
        I'd always wanted to pull off a squadron of boomkins for world pvp. 

C'mon, flight-form in, multiple burst dps, flight back out; tell me that's not totally bad-ass.

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