Sunday, August 22, 2010

Duelboxing and RAF: Part 3 - 3 Essential Macro Starters

Now that you have signed up for the RAF and picked your combo and got your addons and a keycloning software, the next thing you will need are macros.  Macros are going to be specific depending on what your character's names, classes, and level.  Earlier levels will require less macros.  As you move up towards level 60, macros will become more important.   However, there are 3 macro starters you will need for all your duelboxing macros.

/follow - You will need two follow macros.  One for each of the characters to follow the other.  For my example, I have one macro on Reddove that is /follow Redvulture.  The other macro is on Redvulture that is /follow Reddove.  You will also want to put them on two different numbers on your keybar.  That way, you only have to press one of those two buttons to get one to follow the other.

/assist - Nothing is worse than your character is attacking one mob and your other character is targeted on something else and pulls it.  The /assist will allow your one character to target what the primary character at that moment is attacking.  Since Redvulture, my pally, is tanking the mobs right now, Reddove has a /assist Redvulture to make sure he is on the same mob as I am.

/castsequence  -  The first two macro starters are necessary in all the levels.  As you get more abilities, your primary bar space starts to run out.  This is where /castsequence comes into play.   Starting a macro with /castsequence will allow you to cast spells in succession with each button press.  The current example I'm using is with my shammy, Reddove.  I need him to drop totems and I use /castsequence with each totem I need behind it separated by commas.  So I press that button twice and he will drop each totem in succession.

These three macros are the starting points for your macros.  From here, you have to find the best layout for your abilities to maximize what your abilities are and using them. 

Next blog post, I will talk about using LFG and the successes and challenges of duelboxing in LFD.

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