Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Duelboxing and RAF: Part 5 - Making RAF Do Your Dirty Work

RAF has a lot of features that are incredible and that is not even counting the two person flying mount, the triple XP, or the free month of game time.  There are a few things in the RAF system that you can use to your advantage.

1) Summon Friend -  This has come in so handy, especially with a pally and a shaman.  Both of these classes have a few class quest.  Now the shaman can come on the pally quest, but since I only bought original WoW on the second account, the pally cannot go on the shaman quest since they all happen in the Exodar, which is BC content.  The summon friend feature is great for summoning the shaman back to the pally.  The other thing I have used this for is summoning the rogue, but we will get to him in a second.

2) 90 Day Limit - If you can level characters quickly with the triple XP, you can get more than 2 characters to level 60.  My goal for this RAF is to get 5 characters to level 60.  I have my pally/shaman combo at level 30 in less than a week.  My next combo will be a warrior/shadow priest combo.  So where does the rogue I talked about come into play?

3) Granting Levels - One of the most forgotten features of the RAF is the second account can grant levels to a character on the main account.  You can grant a level for every 2 levels you gain.  What this means is if you can get your second account character to 60, you can grant 30 levels to another character. If you get two characters on the second account to 60, you can grant 60 levels to another character.  This is what I plan to do with the little gnome rogue I have.  Once I get both combos to level 60 through LFD, I will grant 60 levels to my rogue.  Yes, he will be a level 60 rogue in level 1 clothes, but it is another character.  Plus, I can buy greens to catch him up at level 60.

4)  After RAF - Remember in part 1 where I said to use the same address as your Battle.net account.  There was a reasoning behind this.  In order to transfer characters between accounts, you have to be on the same Battle.net account.  Since you did this in part 1, you can transfer your level 60 characters to your main account and cancel your RAF account after the 90 days are up.  Yes, it is $25 per character, but that is a total of little more than 2 months of having two accounts open when you only need one.

So I would encourage you to take all this information and try duelboxing.  It will be a fun challenge if you have tried to just level characters normally and can be very beneficial to you.  Especially considering they are going to lower the leveling curve again soon, you could get a bunch of level 85s come Cataclysm very quickly.

Although the series is over, it doesn't mean it is completely over.  You can add me as a RealID friend at bigdog1862@yahoo.com and you can see the progress of the characters.  (And I have tested this with one of my RealID friends, you can see both characters at the same time.) You can also check out the screenshots section for photos of the duelboxing in action.

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