Friday, August 13, 2010

The Rookie Druid: Part 5: Druid versus Priest - A Guest Blog Post by Viktory

Welcome to the final part of this week long series by my guild mate, Viktory.  Today, he talks about the contrast between his main and his alt and why his alt may be his main sooner rather than later.

Last time I talked about how people should research and learn the details of their class. After all, that bear form icon does not mean someone who has always played Boomkin can say they know how to tank by default.

Now here I am debating whether I want to push my druid up as my new main in Cataclysm. So beyond learning the class and the tactics, I have to decide which I like more; my (now level 58) druid, or the disc priest I used through all of Wrath.

Step One of any good research is compare and contrast.

So I made a quick list:

Druid vs Priest
X Tank Healing  X
X Raid Healing   X
X Smart Heal     X
X Ranged DPS  X
X Raid Buffs      X
X Melee DPS     -
X Cool Dances   -
- Sexy in Armor X

So, after everything is tallied up, it comes down to whether you want to play a kitty and have cool dances, or if you would rather look super sexy in your armor and have everyone else in your raid envious of how good you look. Sort of a Jackie O./Marilyn dichotomy if you will.

But wait, what about.... BATTLE-REZ!?!

Holy crap, way to keep an ace in the hole, druids.

No doubt, if I was looking from a purely raid-utility standpoint, the druid would win, hands down. Plus, with Hit Rating becoming a factor of Spirit, Boomkin/Resto gearing will be even easier than Shadow/Disc gearing is today.

So now it looks like it’s time to push this character to 80 and get some raids in while the gettin’ is good. No better way to decide than to try it out, right?

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