Thursday, August 5, 2010

Recommendations for Cataclysm Guild Reputation (Blog Azeroth Shared Topic)

In Cataclysm, there will be two major changes coming for guilds.   The first is the guild perks, which look incredible.  Whether it is faster leveling for alts or a mass resurrection, all of them sound incredible.  The second major change that is directly related to this is guild reputation.  I'm sure to get the full benefit of the guild perks, you need to get exalted with your guild.  This could be incredible or incredibly bad.  Let me give some recommendations on how to make it awesome.

1)  GM Should NOT Be Giving Out Guild Rep - This would just seem cheap on every level.  You could get your raid team to exalted immediately.  And then you would have people changing to guilds where they get full perks immediately.  I have a feeling Blizzard wouldn't do this anyway.

2) Guild Tabard Gives Rep In Guild Raids - Just like the tabards in 5 mans in Wrath gives you rep with different factions, the guild tabard should give you guild reputation in raids.  Preferably, this would be in guild raids, but I don't know if there is a way to tell if the raid makeup is X% of your guild so it may just be any raid.

3) Major Achievements Equal Major Guild Rep - Having got Glory of the Icecrown Raider on my main, I could see where achievements could be linked to guild reputation.  But not puny achievements like catch 50 fish.  They have to be major achievements.  This could include raid achievements, Loremaster achievements, PvP achievements, and profession achievements.  Wouldn't it be great to get guild reputation when you max out your cooking and can bring fish feast or whatever the equivalent will be in Cataclysm.  The harder the achievement, the more reputation it should give too.  For example, clearing a raid in heroic mode should give more guild rep than normal mode.

4) Different Guild Ranks Get Different Rates of Reputation - This would encourage guilds to tighten up their ranks.  Put their core raiders in a certain rank if they are a raiding guild or major PvPers in different ranks.  This would also allow demotion of people who miss a few raids and have to earn their way back into getting full reputation for raids.  And, yes, officers should get more guild reputation because they have to devote time outside of just raiding to the guild in getting raids setup, etc.  And yes, the GM should get more guild rep. (Though I could argue they should start exalted, but that is just my opinion.)

5) Heroic 5 Mans Could Give Small Amounts of Rep - I would put a major stipulation on this one though.  All 5 members must be in the same guild.  With the LFD tool, that is easy to figure out since it will be on the same server and they can see who is partied up when they start then look at the guild name.

6) Giving Money/Supplies To The Guild Bank Should NOT Give Rep - That is just not fair for people who don't have the money or supplies to donate to the bank.

7) Guild Rep Should Spread Across the Account - This would be for only alt characters in that same guild.  This would encourage people to bring their alts into their mains guild and give more to their guild to make it stronger.  If a person is a member of two guilds, then their alts would get rep in either guild but it would not cross over to the other guild.

8) Dinging Max Level Should Bring You to Friendly - Once you ding 85, you should get Friendly status with your guild to encourage you to start getting into raiding and get more benefits and rep.  Of course with the expansion after Cataclysm, people will carry their exalted reputation if they stay with the same guild.  Of course, if you change guilds, you start at Neutral with the new guild.

9)  Leveling Does Not Give Guild Rep - While you are leveling, you are probably not giving much to a guild at that point in terms of benefits so you should not get guild rep.  The exception would be if you are leveling an alt in your main guild where it would go across your account.

10)  Only Negative Rep Should Be Leaving the Guild - You can move bad players to a rank where they won't get rep, but you should only lose rep by leaving the guild where you will have to start over.   

I'm hoping Blizzard will take some of these recommendations into account when they are building the guild reputation system.   I love the idea, but I hope they make it so it encourages people to strengthen their guild and make it better.  

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