Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Duelboxing and RAF: Part 2 - Necessary Addons and Tools

Last post, I mentioned on what is needed to get started to do duelboxing and RAF.  Next things you will need are the tools you need to duelbox.  I feel there are three componants you need to be a successful duelboxer.  This is macros, addons, and something to transmit keys across screens, which is called key cloning.  Macros are going to be covered in the next post while addons and key cloning will be covered in this post.

First, you are going to need some basic addons.  Questhelper is a necessity when doing RAF since you will need the quickest way to quest.  This is another reason you will need to turn your graphic settings down since Questhelper is massive in terms of memory needed. In addition, you will need some sort of action bar handler.  Mine is incorporated in my TukUI, but you may need to get something like Bartender.  Also, I would recommend some way to handle your bags, like Bagnone. 

The final addon I need to recommend is an addon called Jamba.  Jamba is a specific duelboxing addon.  It is available from Curse and it does take some extensive setting up, but it is a necessity.  With this single addon, you can set up quest sharing between characters, quest turn in, looting system, etc.  If you are duelboxing, this addon is the greatest addon you will use.

When it comes to key cloning, there are two major recommendations.  Both of these pieces of software will run behind your two WoW clients and will allow keys to cross.  For example, if you have an attack ability on the number 1 key,  key cloning will allow you to press the 1 key once and it will happen on both screens.  Now for those who are concerned about going against the EULA, GMs in game have said that key cloning is allowed as long as  a user and not a bot is pressing the key.   Mouse click cloning is a little more tricky and I wouldn't recommend that. 

For the software, there is a free option and a pay option.  The pay option is better, but some people will not want to pay the price for that program.  However, the free option is also more complicated to set up than the pay option.  Here are the choices:

Free:  HotKeyNet is a free program that allows key cloning between multiple screens.  It also offers picture in picture setup as well.  Tihe catch with this is you will have to get scripts from the website to load into the program to get all the keys to cross.  You just load up all the scripts you want in one notepad file and then load it into the program. 

Pay Option:  KeyClone is the pay option for key cloning and if you can spend the money, it is well worth it.  It allows you to run up to 5 WoW programs on a single screen and it allows you to easily set up multiple screens on a single screen.  It also allows you to switch between the screen easily.  It cost $19.99 per computer but the license can be transferred between computers.

I will be putting up screens in game in the screenshots section to show you how some of the programs look, etc.  Next time, I will talk about setting up macros to make it even easier to use when duelboxing.


Aoirselvar said...

I now realizing how old school I was when I duel boxed. I just had two computers sitting next to each other and I put some macros on the secondary computer just had my hand hitting macros on there while the toon followed my main toon.

Redhawks said...


That is definitely the old school way of duelboxing. If WoW took a very high end computer to run,you probably still would have to have two computers. Thankfully, most computers can run two WoW clients at the same time with little issue which makes duelboxing a little easier.