Thursday, January 6, 2011

When To Decide To Change Your Role

Last night, I had a conversation with my GM about changing my role in raids.  For most of ICC, I was one of the core raiding team.  I enjoyed it and I still enjoy raiding when I can at level 85.  However, there have been several things in my life that made me purposely asked to be put as a backup to our other moonkin.  Many guilds are getting to the point now where they are deciding and settling their core raid team.  Here are some things you have to look at when deciding whether it is time to change your role on a raiding team/guild.

1) Look At Your Personal Life - I'm gonna be moving and getting a new job probably within the next month.  I don't know how these things will affect my playing time in game.  The more uncertainty there is in the short term, the more that you should be willing to move to a backup role.

2) Look At the Future - If you think there is a reasonable chance that you will not be able to raid consistently during Cataclysm, then it is better to step aside.  Having served as an officer in a guild before, there is nothing more annoying than gearing somebody up who isn't able to come regularly.  That is gear that somebody else can use regularly.  I am getting married this year to the love of my life.  As much as I hope that I could play 3.5 hours a night for 3 days of a week, it is likely not going to happen.  I still will be able to play, but maybe not a hardcore raider's schedule.  It would be unfair for me to get geared up in raids before other moonkins in the raid if I may not be able to put it to good use for the guild. 

3) Look At New Opporunities - My guild just started our PvP division, Vanguard.  I have been trying to do both rated and unrated battlegrounds as much as possible.  What I'm finding is that I'm really enjoying it.  I even wanted to be one of the battleground leaders.  Since this is an opportunity to step up and be a leader in my guild's PvP division, I decided that my role has to change in order to be the best PvPer I can be.  It is not that I will never raid, but when you are leading battlegrounds, you don't need PvE gear which means I have to finish getting the PvP set done to be effective at PvP.

So basically, I'm going to be moving in my guild from the PvE to the PvP division.  This probably means more than likely, you are going to see a few more PvP articles in this blog. You may have noticed this already this year anyway since 3 of my first 4 blog post in 2011 (not counting the Header Contest voting and site statistics) are PvP related.  I'm still gonna cover PvE raiding as well as general WoW talk, but you may notice an increase in PvP moonkin talk from what it was before.

Also, just a reminder to keep voting in the Header Contest.  We have over 80 votes already and would love to see it jump to over 100 at least.  Voting will close on January 14th.


Viktory said...

Congrats on the engagement. Sad to see you go, but glad to see someone make the call upfront, as you discussed in this post.

Next goal, beat Lufitoom's HK count.

HettyA said...

Congrats on all the new changes! It's always fun and challenging. I as well was a hard core raider pre cat but now with school and life I an my close freinds in guild are focusing on PVP.

It's just nice that us PVPers have more options now.

Redhawks said...


Thank you. It has been awesome raiding with you. According to our GM, I may still come in on farm content in case I have to come in on other nights that they are short on people so that I won't be too far behind everybody, but I'm gonna be out on progression nights likely.

And I will try, but I hit my 10,000 HK achievement last night. She was at 250,000 before Cataclysm. I have a very long way to go.


It really is. PvP used to be on the backend of the game. It was nice, but raid content was where it was at. Now, with rated battle grounds, Conquest points, etc. it has made battlegrounds as a very viable way to play the game.

lissanna said...

I think we could use a little more PvP info for moonkin around. :)

Redhawks said...


I'm hoping to bring a little more moonkin PvP to everybody. I just finished getting my 5 pieces Bloody Gladiator Wyrmhide bonus. I'm gonna take some time soon and talk about how awesome that bonus is.