Thursday, January 13, 2011

Moonkin PvP Tricks in Eye of the Storm

Continuing the series in tricks and tips for moonkins, we move to what is probably my second favorite battleground, Eye of the Storm.  While alot like Arathi Basin, there are a few particulars you can do here to give yourself an advantage.

1) Create Line of Sight Issues - One of the first things you may notice in Eye of the Storm is the nodes you are capturing have a few areas to create line of sight issues.  From each of the nodes being elevated slightly to a lot of pillars, blocks, etc.  The best way to think of each of the nodes as each one is a little arena.  As moonkins, we have several ways to do this.  My personal favorite is to use Typhoon to knock them off the elevated platform.  However, there are several tactics you can use from Cycloning to get around a line of sight to Entangling melee.  The more you can create this issues, the better is will be for you.

2) The 5 Locations of Typhoon - Yes, there are 5 different locations you can Typhoon someone and kill them in Eye of the Storm.  The most obvious is easy, which is the center.  However, do you know about the other 4?

A lot of times, especially with opponents who zerg nodes, they will all be piling into an area.  Sometimes when you are attacking them, they will move to the back area of nodes.  When they do that, you can Typhoon them off the node completely to their deaths.  That is why it is important to never go around to the backside of a node.  Let them go back there when you are fighting them and then you have an easy honorable kill.

3) Flag Defense > Flag Running - Any druid can be an effective flag runner.  However, if you have a feral or resto druid, you may want them to carry the flag over you.  Since you are one of a few classes that have a knockback, you would be more effective in maintaining control over the middle if the battle comes down to a 2 node versus 2 node battle for the flag.  The preferred route is to capture 3 or 4 nodes though so you don't have to worry about flags at all and play defense at the nodes. 

4) Protect the Flag Runner - This is more of a general moonkin trick with any battleground that involves flags, but you have several different ways to protect the flag runner.  First, you can Roots the melee giving the flag carrier time to run.  Second, you can get close to the flag runner, turn around towards the attackers and push them back with Typhoon.  This tactic is great in this battleground.  Third, you can use the 1-2 punch of Roots plus Solar Beam to control the casters.

5) Don't Fall off the Base - Yes, for some reason, it is really easy to do (or maybe it is just me), especially if you don't have Slow Fall.  However, if you do, just switch to cat form to mitigate some of the damage and then remount on the ground after throwing some HoTs on yourself.

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Anonymous said...

Few things make me rage more than half my team fighting over the flag while we're pushed back to only one base. Unless it's late in the game you lose at that point and I can't seem to get it through their WSG loving heads that they're being a bunch of idiots.

Redhawks said...


Absolutely agree. While not going too much into what my rated teams strat is, we focus on nodes first then focus on the flag if and only if it becomes a constant 2 node versus 2 node battle. If you have only 1 node, capping the flag all day won't win the match.