Saturday, January 1, 2011

Header Contest - The Final Three

Thanks to everybody who entered the Header Contest for the site.  As promised, I am going to announce the top 3 place finishers for the Header Contest and will tell you how to vote for the winner.

Finalist #1

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Finalist #2

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Finalist #3

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There are your three finalist for the contest.  Here is how the voting will occur.  Thanks to MicroPoll, I have set up an online poll on the bottom of the page.  I have set it up to only vote once per IP address to not allow multiple votings by a few people.  I'm also not listing who made which one to avoid any popularity contest until after the winner is chosen.  I want it to be based solely on the work they did.  So to the finalist, good luck.  May the best header win.  Voting wil close 2 weeks from today.   


Drezleith said...

Just curious, how many entries did you receive?

Congratulations to whoever wins, all three entries deserved to be amongst the finalists. :3

Redhawks said...


There was a total of 5 different banners submitted; however, three of them were from the same person. So the other two people got in automatically and I had to choose between the 3 from the one person which banner was going to be the one that was going to be in the running for the prize.

Viktory said...

where's the clown face one?

Redhawks said...


I'm afraid to ask this, but what clown face? I checked both my mailbox and my spam mailbox and I did not have a clown face banner. I would love to see it though.