Friday, January 28, 2011

Header Contest Results - Better Late Than Never

The winner has been posted on the site for a while now, but I wanted to make sure that I formally announced the winner.  Thanks to everybody who voted.  When the voting closed, we had 103 votes, which was a great turnout for the voting.  And now, the formal results.

Grand Prize Winner
Prize - Header for Redhawk's Gaze for Full Length of Cataclysm, Sidebar Credit to Site, Two 3-Month Game Cards and Two Vanity Pets (No mounts or plushies) of your choice. ($80 value)

Kevin (I'm not giving out full names here.)

Second Place Winner
Prize - One 3-Month Game Card and One Vanity Pet (No mounts or plushies) of your choice ($40 value)

Jason from the WoWPhiles Podcast

Third Place Winner
Prize - The Shattering Novel and One Vanity Pet (No Mounts or Plushies) of your choice ($25 value)

Matthew (Again, No Last Names)

Congrats to the winners.  You will be contacted soon at the e-mails you provided in order to get your prizes.  And thanks for all the entries and the votes given during this contest.  I'm sure I will be doing another contest in the near future again so keep coming back to the site.

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