Monday, January 24, 2011

Moonkin PvP Tricks for Battle of Gilneas

In part 5 of my moonkin PvP series, I talk about some of the tricks for Battle of Gilneas 10 man battleground, which is my favorite 10 man BG of all of them for some of the same reasons that Arathi Basin is my favorite 15 man BG.  Unfortunately, there are not as many tricks for Battle of Gilneas as there are for Arathi Basin, but I have a few tips.

1) Keep Them In the Water in Waterworks - Seeing the enemy coming trough the water at Waterworks is basically watching your enemy and loling at them.  Unless they have waterwalking, they are not going to cross that stream quickly.  Typhoon them backwards if you can.  Since Waterworks is set up on a slight incline, you can attack without them attacking you. 

2) Stealth Is Your Friend - The difference between a loss and a win in Battle of Gilneas may be a ninja cap.  I have been behind by 500 points in Battle of Gilneas and have come back to win by capping two nodes and holding them.  Use the fact that you are a druid to ninja cap.  And heaven help the enemy who is by himself holding a node.  If he is melee, I'm going to stealth behind him, Typhoon him away from the flag, entangling roots  him, and then capture the node.  If caster, add a Solar Beam in.  From there, I will proceed to kill him.

3) Roots and Cyclone on the Road - In most BGs, you are told to explicitly not fight on the roads.  Battle of Gilneas may be the exception to that rule.  If the group is using a zerg strategy, they can easily capture a node.  This is where roots can help you lessen their zerg numbers.  If you see them moving as a group, try to roots a few members.  Their delay in showing up may be the difference between keeping the node and losing it.

And that is it for Battle of Gilneas.  This BG is alot more about coordination of your group.  The more coordinated you can be on kill targets, etc., the easier this BG is.  Tomorrow, I will be talking about tips on Alterac Valley and on Wednesday will be talking about Isle of Conquest.

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