Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Get Your Honor For Nothing, Your PvP Gear For Free (Until Yesterday)

Thanks to Outlandish Podcast for this Awesome Parody Song

I am not one to use exploits to further myself in the game.  I may take advantage of people who put cut green gems on the AH for less than 9 gold or take Jeweler's Settings for Jewelcrafting, turn them around, and sell them on the AH for 5 times their vendor price, but I don't try to mess with game mechanics.

That was until last week.  When Blizzard, for some reason beyond me, set the honor for winning Tol Barad on offense at 1800.  The problem when Blizzard raised the honor for winning a Tol Barad to that level was their was no reason to defend it.  This in turn lead to less Horde being in Tol Barad for defense, which means everybody who queued on the Alliance side did not get in.  It also provided no incentive for Alliance to queue for defense which lead to a similar problem for the Horde.  This lead to what became known as the "bridge exploit".  In between the Tol Barad battleground and the Tol Barad dailies section, there is a bridge connecting the two areas.  Someone found that if you crossed the bridge into the battleground at the very last second even if you weren't actually queued for the fight, you would get the 1800 honor.  I tried it once to see if it would work and it actually did.  I did it on a Saturday morning when the server was light.  (It was like 4 AM server time, but 7 AM on the East Coast.)  I tried to do it again, but between gankers (mages with their Ring of Frost or Frost Nova and people not calling out the time to move, I was not able to get it again.

Yesterday, Blizzard came back from their Christmas/New Year vacation and they decided this was the very first thing they were going to fix.  They decided to lower the honor to 360 for a win and less for a successful defense.  The bridge exploit is not fixed, but they are working on it.  I have a simple way they can fix the bridge exploit once and for all.  Make the honor for a successful defense and offense the same.  This way, everybody will try to queue to win in.  It may be harder to win on offense, which the developers wanted after the steamrolling people did to Wintergrasp, but it will prevent people from gaming the system.  A defense in Tol Barad is easier than it was in Wintergrasp, but it still takes coordination.  Plus, I'm sure they are using the same balancing system they used in Wintergrasp to even out the sides so eventually, the other faction will win.  I'm okay with 360 honor for an offensive win, although I did love the 1800 honor I got one time.  But a successful defensive win should offer the same thing to incentivize people coming in and playing and not making the opposite faction resort to exploits to get their honor.

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Drezleith said...

Haha, the title. i c wut u did thar

I never used the bridge exploit, but learned about it only a few days ago. And I'm not that into PvP, so not sure if I would have used it anyway. I got 1800 honour once, though, but that was through winning while in the group. I didn't even notice that I got so much honour from doing it.

Redhawks said...


Yeah, people lucky enough to get into the Tol Barad battle got the honor automatically. I wouldn't even mind them increasing an offensive win back to 1800 honor. They just have to make a defensive win count for the same amount to prevent this exploiting.