Friday, January 14, 2011

Moonkin PvP Tricks in Strand of the Ancients

For the third part of my moonkin PvP tricks, I round out the 15 v. 15 battlegrounds with Strand of the Ancients.

1) Strand of the Ancients Isn't About PvP - This is a general rule, but it relates to specifically what we can do as moonkins.  Your focus should very rarely be on players in Strand of the Ancients.  If on defense, your focus should be on killing the demolishers.  If on offense, you should focus on keeping players off of your demolishers.  This means more than nukes, moonkins should be using slowing and controlling players and demolishers.

2) The Moonkin Typhoon Demolisher Weapon - On offense, one of my favorite tricks is to get on a demolisher and turn backwards.  Given the speed of the demolishers, the defense will always be chasing you.  This means the more you can keep them off of you, the better it is.  Typhoon is perfect for this.  The demolisher is shooting forward, I'm typhooning backwards.

3) Entangling Roots + Solar Beam = Control - Melee is fairly easy to keep off of demolishers when you are offense.  You Typhoon plus Entangling Roots and you can keep them controlled.  Casters are a little more difficult.  If you see a caster just destroying your demolishers, you can still Typhoon them for a snare and may push them out of cast range.  However, you can Roots plus Solar Beam to keep them silenced.  And since Roots won't break until damaged, you don't have to damage them and keep them there.

4) Fungal Growth Helps - When you are trying to slow demolishers on defense, you will need all your tools that can slow.  You can roots the demolisher.  Typhoon can add a snare effect.  However, having the talent Fungal Growth helps a lot.  One, you can send your treants on the demolisher and when they go away, they create an area that snares.  Two, you can use your Wild Mushrooms to cause damage and create and area of snares.

5) Remove Corruption - There is a spell that is in your spellbook that you may not use to often, especially as moonkin.  However, if can be used to help your demolishers.  Of course the defense is going to throw up DoTs on the demolishers to kill them.  Remove Corruption can remove a poison and a curse from the demolisher.  It is not as powerful as what resto druids can do since it will also remove magic effects, but  it may be the difference maker.

And with that, we are done with the 15 vs. 15 battlegrounds.  Next week, hopefully I will get to the 10 vs. 10 battlegrounds and the 40 vs. 40 battlegrounds.

Today is the final day for voting for the Header contest.   The winners will be announced over this weekend or Monday.

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