Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Moonkin PvP Tricks in Warsong Gulch and Twin Peaks

In the 4th part of my moonkin PvP series, I'm going to cover both Warsong Gulch and Twin Peaks together since they are very similar.  The main difference is location and number of entrances into the base, with Twin Peaks having more entrances into the base including a water entrance a lot like Team Fortress 2.

1) Most Powerful Weapon - Entangling Roots - The use when trying to get your flag back is obvious.  You use it to slow down the enemy flag carrier.  However, if you have melee that is annoying your flag carrier, roots can help your flag runner get ahead and not be snared, slowed, etc. by melee.

2) Think of Your Flag Runner As A Demolisher from Strand of the Ancients - Your Remove Corruption does wonders here.  It can keep your flag carrier alive with constant decurses.  If you are tasked with staying with your flag carrier, be ready to decurse.  Also, you can use your Typhoon to keep people away from your flag carrier like you would a demolisher.

3) Druids Are Great Flag Runners - When you get adequate resilience (3k +), druids are great as flag runners.  We can carry the flag in travel form which means we are the fastest flag carrier.  In addition, we can switch to bear form during heavy damage times or we can switch to moonkin form to get pesky attackers off of our backs.

4) Cycloning Flag Runners - If a flag runner has a great healer, you might think it is easier to cyclone the healer and go after the flag runner.  However, the opposite is more likely true.  Let me explain.  If you cyclone the healer, that gives the flag runner time to retreat.  They key is you want to kill the flag runner and him not to run.  If you can cyclone the flag runner then kill the healer, you can then kill the flag carrier with no problem since he can't run.  The one exception to this trick is if the timer has already weakened the flag carrier.  In that case, kill the flag carrier and cyclone the healer.

5)  Aquatic Form - As I mentioned, there is a water entrance into the flag rooms at Twin Peaks. (At least for the Alliance attacking the Horde.  I'm assuming that is true for the Horde as well.)  Since you can travel faster in Aquatic Form, this is likely the druid's best route of  attack and the best route to leaving their base. 

As you may have noticed, there is a new header on the top.  That is the winner of the Header contest.  I will be making a formal blog post in the next couple of days to announce the full list of winners.  Thanks to everybody who voted.    


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