Monday, February 7, 2011

No More 15 vs. 15 Rated BGs - My Rant...I Mean, Opinion

WTF Blizzard? wanted to start this great thing with finally making battlegrounds matter in Cataclysm and then you go and pull this shit.  10 vs. 10 rated BGs is just another frickin arena bracket at this point with Twin Peaks, Warsong Gulch, and Battle of Gilneas as the arenas.  It is basically objective based arenas.

On top of that, your explanation as to why you are doing this is shit.  "People don't play 15 vs. 15 brackets."  Yeah, it is the same reason why most guilds don't run 25 man PvE content anymore.  What's the point of it?  You get the same rewards for running 10 mans so whats the point.  If you were smart, you could do 10 vs. 10 or 15 vs. 15 rated battlegrounds every week.  It will be just like some guilds that prefer to run 25 man PvE content.  Some rated BGs groups will run 15 vs. 15 all the time if given the chance.  However, you just took that chance away.  Hell, throw 25 vs. 25 back in the mix and give us some Alterac Valley and Isle of Conquest rated BGs.   I know my guild would do it in a heartbeat.

This has pretty much destroyed any desire to do rated BGs anymore.  Yes, they are going to modify Alterac Valley, Eye of the Storm, and Strands of the Ancients to fit 10 mans.  I will continue doing it to improve my rating, but I just want to let you know that this is bullshit.  And every major content patch in Cataclysm better include a new BG.  I personally wouldn't mind an underwater BG in Vashj'ir.  It would be an interesting mechanic at least. 

But for the love of God, open up 15 vs. 15 to an every week option.  That way, on nights were we are having trouble getting 15 people on to run rated, we can run 10's, just like the PvE raiders can do now.  I thought when the announcements for Cataclysm came across, they were finally taking PvP seriously.  Unfotunately, right now, I see that is not the case at all. 


Shanna said...

Agreed. Blizzard are bitches.

Boinks said...

I highly suspect that these changes are mainly monetary losses.. The dungeons, bg's raids are all on different servers. and they cost money to run.. now IF there was enough 15v15 bg traffic using these servers Blizz would probably keep them BUT since there is not they have most likely opt'd to close down 15v15 so they can use those servers for something that is getting more traffic... idk what that may be or if this is accurate.. but it's my guess

Redhawks said...


Can't argue with that statement.


By that logic, why not shut down the 25 man PvE servers because I'm sure a lot more players are doing 10 mans. Plus, there were no new 15 man BGs added in Cataclysm. It is the same ones from Wrath. (AB, EotS, and SotA)

In addition, there is no way in this world you can tell me that a company that brings in 168 million dollars per month (12 million subscribers X $14 per month and that is not counting pet store pets, mounts, authenticators, and remote AH subscriptions) cannot keep a server running for 15 vs. 15 rated BGs.