Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Best Parts of 4.0.6

Every blog out there is going to take a fine tooth comb to the patch notes.  While I may do that in my  own time, I'm not gonna bore you with that.  Let me tell you the things I'm most excited about for in this patch.

1) More than any spell, change, or anything else, the biggest thing I'm personally excited for is the moonkin can mount normally now.  It has been annoying since patch 4.0.1 that I have not been able to mount correctly.  I have to either shift out of form and then mount or I have to move and then mount to get flight form.  Speaking of flight form...

2) Worgens get their own swift flight form to differentiate us from those dirty, dirty night elfs.

3) Moonkins have become the primary druid flag carriers in PvP.  We can break roots and snares by shapeshifting in and out of moonkin form.  It will primarily go druid travel form, snared or rooted, moonkin form, back to druid travel form, continue running.

4) This is huge for PvE, but Starfall only affects targets that are in combat.  This means I can use Starfall all the time on trash, bosses, anytime. 

5) All our CC last longer now, up to 8 seconds.  This should make our CC more viable in dungeons, but it will really shine in PvP when trying to control a melee or caster.  I also get to laugh at resto druids having to get out of caster form to break roots while they are stuck in a Solar Beam.

6) Moonkins get a 15% damage reduction automatically.  Good luck trying to kill us if we have a healer on us.  This is more valuable than armor.

7) Wild Mushroom is usable finally.  Instant cast, which means we can cast it on the move.  It also has more damage behind it and a wider range.  Add in the buffs to Fungal Growth and it makes it incredible.

8) Our other spells we used on the move cost less mana.  If we are running from something, our Typhoon and Moonfire/Sunfire are significantly less mana.  This is good since the one thing that seems to deplete my mana faster than anything is Moonfire/Sunfire spam while on the move.

9) Our 4 piece PvP bonus got a buff.  I love the 4 piece PvP bonus in the first place because it moves you towards one of the Eclipses when you don't have an Eclipse.  Considering our three main nukes normally have cast times, this helps us to hit Eclipses quicker and then maximize our PvP damage.

10) Chaotic Shadowspirit Diamond is finally fixed.  Not that it will be our BiS for either PvP or PvE, but the fact that it is correct is much better.

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