Monday, February 14, 2011

Sharing the Love - WoW Style

With today being Valentine's Day, I thought about the things that we could do as players to share the love to our guildmates and other players on this day of love. (And I don't mean doing the stupid holiday stuff)  Here are a few things that I have thought of that would be great ways to share the love. 

1) Help a Lower Level Alt - If you have a player that you know or who is within a reasonable level of your main or alt, help get them through a dungeon or two to get some gear or help them level up.  This would especially help level 82-85 players since they need gear to be able to do heroics.  Also, this could include helping a lower level player who is getting ganked.  Go there and kick some ass for them.

2) Buy Some Extra  Consumables For Your Raid - Maybe get a couple extra consumables for players in your raid and help them save some gold for other things, like enchants or gems.

3) Farm Mats for Guild Items - If you need food for raid or herbs, just take an hour or two and go farm some mats to help your guild bank out a little bit.

4) Help Level Professions - If you know somebody who is a lower level jewelcrafter and you don't need your uncut green quality gems, send the items to them to help them level up.  You can do something like this with any profession in the game.

5)  Offer Chaos Orbs for Free - Since only a certain number of professions can even roll on them right now, go ahead and hit trade chat and say you are willing to make some gear using your chaos orbs for free or at the very least, a very reduced price.  I have seen people saying they will use their chaos orbs for 500 gold + per orb. 

6) /Hug a Gnome - Gnomes need love too.  Besides, we all know that short people got nobody.

7) Don't Be a Douche in LFG - You have 364 other days to be a douche to PUGs in LFG.  Just take today off. 

8) Comfort a Night Elf Druid - Just because they are now the minority doesn't mean they are bad, they are just different. 

9) Donate Gold to a Level 1 - Yes, even the beggers.  Then give them a /hug and say today only.

10) Give a Friend a Non-Combat Companion - I mean something cheap, like a cat.  Not a $10 pet store pet.     


Shanna said...

11) Give Tralina lots of gold

Shanna said...

6) /Hug a Gnome - Gnomes need love too. Besides, we all know that short people got nobody.


Redhawks said...


I would, but I don't have a lot. Mainly because I tried to take over the Chaotic Shadowspirit Diamond market last Thursday with mixed results.

Also, I'm fine with gnomes. I just know there is a lot of gnome hate.

And I like short people too. I'm not the one who said short people got nobody. Randy Newman did.

Redhawks said...

I meant Tuesday with 4.0.6, not Thursday.