Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Humor: Must Read Web Comics

I have been thinking about this one for a while, but here is a list of 5 gaming comics that every WoW player should be reading regularly.

1) NPC (Non Player Character) - A comic about a woman, her husband/boyfriend (They never really say which, but I'm thinking husband), and her 2 cats who all play WoW.  It is cute and funny.  You will fall in love with Chloe and Bink from the first time you read it.  She also talks about life outside of WoW including Dungeons and Dragons, their neighbors, their coworkers, and a lot of Nintendo DS talk early in the comic life.  They also just celebrated their 2 year anniversery yesterday.  Highly recommend you check them out.  Here is a personal favorite from the comic. (Mainly because my cats come and lick my face all the time.) 

2) Dark Legacy - This comic, which has been around for about 4 years, is almost exclusively about characters in WoW.  They have pretty much every stereotype in WoW player that you can think of.  There is the overbearing raid leader (Krom), the lackey you bring along because you need people (Donald), gnomes bent on world domination, and regular players.  Really one of the funniest WoW comics around.  Here is their latest comic.

3) Extra Life - By Scott Johnson of The Instance, this is a general geek comic covering some WoW stuff, but mostly gaming in general as well as some situational comedy stuck in there.  Here is a personal favorite from the collection.

4) Penny Arcade - The granddaddy of web comics, this comic covers the opinions of Gabe and Tycho, fascimilies of the real life owners of Penny Arcade.   And thankfully, Gabe plays World of Warcraft regularly so they do cover WoW topics.  It is mostly general gaming topics, but WoW is covered.

5) The Daily Blink - This comic is another comic completely about WoW, however, it is not a comic in the traditional sense.  It is usually a one block comic that is satiring something in WoW, whether it is gameplay, lore, opposing factions, and even patch notes.  Here is a fine example of their work.

So please support these comics by going to their sites.  They are some of the funniest comics around the net right now.

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