Thursday, January 27, 2011

Moonkin PvP Tricks in Isle of Conquest

In the final part of my PvP series, I go through the last of the battlegrounds, Isle of Conquest.  While it is a mix of Arathi Basin and Alterac Valley, there are some specific things you can do as a moonkin.

1) Starfall At Docks Is Win - One of the most commonly used strats in Isle of Conquest is to have stealther go over to Docks, let the other team purposely take it, then destroy the catapults and glaives that come up.  Then once you kill them, you kill the other team and then capture the node.  Starfall allows you to hit all the catapults and glaives at once which makes it much easier to destroy stuff.

2) Typhoon at Hanger - Since Hanger has a nice drop off right near the flag, you can use your Typhoon to knock people off.  It may or may not kill them, but you can keep them away.

3) Wall Strategy - The big question is where should you be as a moonkin when it comes to taking down the wall.  My personal preference is to be inside the keep and running bombs.  This is for a few reasons.  One, you can be the bomb protector and prevent the enemy from disarming the bombs, usually by using Typhoon.  Two, you can graveyard camp and have a chance to get some extra honor.  Three, once the wall goes down, you are right there to help kill the boss.  The most ideal way to get in is the hanger and parachuting into the keep.  However, if you are at the docks, just get a catapult and catapult yourself over the wall.

4) PvE Gear Once Enemy General is Open - You can change gear in the middle of a BG.  Once the bosses room is open, if you have PvE moonkin gear, you might want to use it here.  Main reason is that a lot of Isle of Conquest becomes who can kill the other general quicker, something that is not even true in Alterac Valley.  Seconds may determine the winner and the loser.  In that case, you want to maximize your damage.  This is even regardless of the enemy being around because the enemy is going to focus on tanks and healers to try to wipe the group.

5) Typhoon Down the Stairs - If the enemy decides to rush your team in their general's room, you can give your team a few extra seconds by Typhoon down the stairs.  This will knock them back down and give you a few seconds to possibly finish off the boss.  Wild Mushrooms on the stairs also works incredibly well, especially when combined with Fungal Growth.

And that is is.  If you noticed trroughout this series, I very rarely talked about how to PvP, but just things we can do as moonkins.  Unfotunately, there is no blog post I can write to tell you how to PvP.  I can give you tips and tricks to use, but you have to just practice PvPing and honing your skills.  Just like you don't know every boss mechanic until you step into the raid, you won't recognize situations until you PvP.

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Ttrinity said...

Aye. I do change into PVE heal gear when go for the boss there or in Alterac Valley. My heals are stronger and my mana last longer.