Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Request To Blizzard From A Duelboxing Level 42 Paladin/Shaman

Please, for the love of all that is good and holy, differentiate Maraudon's 3 instances.  Make them more like the ICC 5 mans with 3 seperate entrances and a definite stop and finish. 

I was dualbox tanking the instance starting off in Purple Crystals from LFD. (I should say at this point, I'm level 42 with only one flight point in the old world.  Thank you.)  Once we killed the one rogue boss whose name I don't remember, it highlighted that we were done, but we saw more area to explore.  We started walking around  and ran into the area with the slimes and the creatures that look like a combination of druids and deer.  We ran into the second boss who constantly summons their treants.  We downed him with no problem.  However, little did we know what the next part had for us.  We started tanking the hydra and found we hit our limit.  A level 42 pally tanking a creature that is 4 levels higher plus was an elite that dropped aggro constantly.  After we got killed by 4 hydra at once with the hydra tossing us everywhere, we decided the group was done, though technically, we cleared our part of the instance much earlier.

After doing research afterwards, I figured out that the whole 3 instances are connected together with us starting in the lowest one and then moving to the Orange Crystals and then moving to the Pristine Waters, which was 5 levels higher than anybody in the group.  It doesn't even come up in my LFD specific dungeons.  And although I did do it on my druid back in the day, I have forgetten how frustrating it is to run into a part of the instance you are not ready for.

I'm even okay with them running back to back like in the ICC 5 mans, but ending up in an area that is too tough for you in the same instance is a little rough.  Just make some way to differentiate the areas better.  I know the level 30s will appreciate in Cataclysm since a lot of them are going to be bringing up worgen and goblin alts.

Also, one more note about Maraudon.  Can you please make the run back after a death a little easier?  That place is a maze.  I had to consult a map to get into an instance so I could get my body back to leave the group because it has been so long since I have been there.  Thanks for your help with these.

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