Thursday, September 23, 2010

100th Post Celebration - The Best of Redhawk's Gaze

4/14/10 - The day that I decided to start my own WoW blog.  Who knew in a little over 5 months that I would be sitting here with my 100th blog post.  I didn't even know I had this much to say about the game I love.  I hope in doing this that I have been informative with some humor thrown in and lots of lolcats.

So to celebrate my 100th post, I wanted to go through some of the things that you, the readers, have found most interesting.

Most Viewed Blog Posts
1) Moonkin DPS Rotation - Present and Likely Future
2) To Starfall or Not To Starfall (Actually That Is Not A Question, I'm Going To Use Starfall)
3) My Raiding UI - What You See and What You Don't See
4) Emblem Gear for the New Level 80 Part 1:  The Mage
5) How To Lead a Pug Raid - A Guide

Most Commented on Blog Post (Not Counting the Contest)
1) Signs of a Bad Moonkin Player
2) To Starfall or Not To Starfall (Actually That Is Not A Question, I'm Going To Use Starfall)
3) Sickness and WoW - When to Sign Out for the Night
4) WoW As A Scapegoat
5) Operation Gnomergan: How It Should Have Been Handled 

Finally, I want to throw out some thanks.  First, I want to thank all the people who have been guest bloggers on the site, which would be Samsaric Warrior, Variant Avatar, Lufitoom, Natrii, and Viktory.  I also want to thank all the people who post cat pictures on the internet that I borrow on a routine basis.  Also, for all my cat picture editing, I want to thank for creating their Trollcat Generator.  I also want to thank every blog or site that links to my site which is too numerous to name, but I know who you are.  I also want to thank the community in general for everything they have done.  Whether interacting through the blog, on Twitter, or on Facebook, it has been incredible.  So thank you very much and I hope to bring you more content as we roll in Cataclysm.  


Viktory said...

Gratz on hitting 100. Odd that you chose to celebrate with what is clearly a Devil's Three-Way lolcat, but to each his own. Keep up the good work.

Redhawks said...

Thanks. Although if you really want a devil's three way pic, here you go.

FYI. I almost went with this pic for my 100th post pic as a party.

Moonra said...

big big gratz on the mythical 100 mate :) I like the way you sum up all the imp posts and most read etc etc, you have given me a great idea when I hit that mark :D

Redhawks said...


Thanks. I was wondering of a way to thank everybody for coming to the site. I was thinking between another contest to doing something like this. It was good to go back and look and see what everybody was interested in so that I know where to go with the next 100 posts.