Monday, September 13, 2010

Easter Eggs in WoW: When You Find One That Seems To Be Just For You

Let me introduce you to my new favorite NPC:

His name is Toby Zeigear and he is from Operation Gnomergan.  I missed him when doing this the first time, but when I went back on my gnome, I saw him.  I know other people may have caught on to it, but a lot of people probably missed it.  When I mentioned it in guild, nobody said a word making me think they have not watched The West Wing.  Let me show you his TV show counterpart:

Toby Zeiglar from The West Wing (They even made him look a little like him).  He was one of the Presidential speechwriters for President Bartlett on the show.  I loved The West Wing, so finding this Easter Egg just made me so happy.  At the time, it seemed like it was one for people who loved the show.  Doing a Google search, other people know about.  However, when I heard people around me talking about it, they were talking about the speeches from movies or the ending of the quest chain.  At the time I found it, it seemed like it was in there just for me.

So have you found any Easter Eggs in WoW that seems like you were the only person to get it at the time.  What are some of your favorite ones? 

Also, MMO-Champion is starting to report some stuff about timelines so if you are competing in the "Christmas in July" contest, get ready.  We are about to get a lot of info.  If not this week, Blizzcon is coming around the corner.


Jasyla said...

That's awesome. I named one of my cats after Toby Zieglar :P

I'll have to keep an eye when I do the quest chain.

Redhawks said...


Yeah, it is an awesome reference. I know WoW references everything from Legend of Zelda to Paris Hilton, but this one just holds a special place with me.

Llani said...

Ahhhh! I see! I watched TWW only a little bit in the past, but we've since dropped our directv because nobody watches it anymore. However, I miss my cooking channel, history channel, and discovery channel :(

Redhawks said...


I also watch a little bit of Food Network occasionally. I really hope the cooking trainer in Cataclysm will be some play on Guy Fieri, Alton Brown, or Bobby Flay. Alton Brown as a gnome would be awesome.