Monday, September 27, 2010

Redhawk's Gaze - Coming Soon to a Podcast Near You

In the past week or so, I have had two invitations to come on podcasts.

The first podcast is one I have already been on once and is run by some guild mates of mine, which is Leet Sauced, for a second show.  The first show was great and hopefully will be out soon.  I typically don't get drunk, but after about 4 drinks, I was feeling it by the end of the podcast.  Plus, from my first episode, you will hear the story of the greatest motor vehicle accident of all time.  Not in damage, but what occurred during and after.  Also, check out their first episode with The Bossy Pally

The second podcast I have been invited to come on is the next Raid Warning round table, which is Shift Happens:  A Druid Roundtable.  Since I have started listening to Raid Warning, which was around episode 2, and listening to their first roundtable, I was hoping they were going to do a druid roundtable.  I can't wait to sit down with some of the Balance druids that I use as references including Graylo, Lufitoom, and a lot of others (Too many to list here) and talking about the current state and future of the Balance class.  I may also end up on the feral tanking section, but we will have to see for that part.  Also, if you go back to the other roundtables, you can hear my guild mates, The Bossy Pally and Matticus, on their respective roundtables.  (Hopefully, I'm not missing any of my guild mates who have also been on their roundtables.)  I also would encourage you to e-mail questions to or go to Epic Advice and there will be a thread with a place to put questions about druids in general.

So I encourage you to check out both of these podcast out and I'm hoping this will be the first couple in a bunch of podcast that you will hear me on soon.

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Viktory said...

Damn, I wish I could get on some round-tables. Thanks for the plug for our show. Glad to have you back, and I'm pretty sure the segment about the auto incident survived the first recording.