Monday, September 27, 2010

Necessary Jerkiness - When Tanks Should Be Jerks

This weekend, I hit the first of my two major duelboxing goals.  I got my paladin/shaman to level 60 pretty much using only LFD.  Doing that, I found some things that will just stop me from tanking a LFD all together until it is rectified.  Is it a jerk not to tank for your LFD group?  Yes.  But you have to do something pretty bad to get to that point.

Before I talk about the things that will make me stop tanking for you, let me talk about what will not.  For 5 mans, I don't care about buffs.  If a hunter wants to misdirect mobs to me, great.  But it is not necessary though in a 5 man.  I also don't care if I out DPS you.  I take it as a point of pride if I can.  Also, in LFD, I don't charge for tanking.  Typically, I'm not a jerk about tanking.  However, there are some sins if you do them, I will let  you burn in multiple mob hell.

Sin 1:  Pulling Ahead of Me - If you start pulling stuff ahead of me as the tank and I do not authorize it (I'm starting to love DKs who can pulls casters in my consecration as a paladin), I'm assuming you want to tank and you don't need me. 

Sin 2:  Pulling Aggro Off Me - Sometimes it just happens and it is an accident.  I completely understand.  But if it is constantly happening, it is a problem that should be corrected.  It may be me if you are levels ahead of me, but you can control it while I still have to tank.  Also, I do love it when I see people doing it now, because they are royally screwed when patch 4.0.1 comes out.

Sin 3:  Uncontrolled Pets - If you cannot control your pet, you can get out.  I give a pet one time running ahead of me.  If it happens a second time, I will stop tanking and ask the person to drop group or I will vote him out.  And yes, if a mob starts to run away, you can call your pet off.  That is not an excuse.

Sin 4:  Not Following Me - Especially in the old instances, I may not have known the way to go the first time.  If I'm going the wrong way, you can speak up.  However, the last thing I want is a healer and a DPS going off the wrong way when they should be following me.  That is how extra mobs are pulled or I pull mobs and get no heals and die.

Sin 5:  Constantly Dying to Trash Pulls - As a general rule for tanks, healers should be able to heal a tank that pulls a group of mobs, which is usually 4 - 6.  Most instances are very well laid out to pull only about 4 mobs at a time.  If we are constantly dying to trash pulls and I have tanked the instance before successfully, the issue is not me, it is the healer.  If it happens too often, I will just stop tanking and tell the healer to drop group so we can get someone who can heal.

I am very willing to admit when I make mistakes or I pull too many mobs.  But my errors are errors that happen once and I learn from it.  If you keep doing something, I will call you out and tell you to drop group.

There will be a second blog post today when I start to line up the details, but I'm going to be on a couple podcast this next week for stuff you can look forward too.  The announcements will be coming soon.

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