Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Raid Prep - Creating a Perfect Raiding Environment

My GM last night after my raid suggested that I take a shot of liquor before coming to raid.  It may not be a bad idea.  This may go back to my days when I was tanking, but I tend to be very reactionary.  Sometimes too much so.  A few post ago, I talked about how I battle rezzed somebody during LK 10 man fight that immediately dropped off when the floor fell out during the transition phase.  Last night, on 25 man LK, I was the one picked for defile during phase 2.  I was in a great spot with nobody around me.  However, I just stood there for a few seconds just to make sure it stayed and I was nowhere near anybody.  As soon as I saw the defile under my feet, I should of moved.  I thought I was being reactionary to the situation to make sure I did not get near anybody and in the end, got a couple extra ticks of defile in.  Did it wipe the raid?  No.  Not even close.  But it goes back to my being reactionary.  I was so concerned about it being in the right place and not near anybody that I let it hit me for more.

But this goes into this post about raid prep.  While a lot of people think raid prep is about having gear enchanted and gemmed, having flask, potions of speed, proper addons, etc., I'm more talking about personal preparation for raiding.  Your character should be ready to raid, but so should you.  Here are a few of the personal things that I try to do before a raid.

1) Use the Bathroom Before the Raid - Just to prevent any emergency AFKs for bio. 

2) Make a Drink - This can be your personal choice.  (Just to clarify, 21 and older please.  I'm not promoting underage drinking)  I personally prefer a diet soda or a lemonade packet that you mix in water.  This may be changing to a beer of some sort.  Something that relaxes you and gets you ready for raid.  I should also add into this to not get drunk to the point of passing out during raid.  In one of my prior guilds when we running 10 man Ulduar, we were ready to pull the Cat Lady and we heard a loud noise over Ventrilo.  We then started doing ready checks and one person was never clicking anything.  Turns out, we found out that he passed out drunk during the raid.  While funny in a casual guild, this would be looked down upon in a raiding guild.

3) Comfortable Chair/Couch  - Working a (mostly) desk job, I can't stress how important this is.  If you are not comfortable, you will not perform to your best.  I personally play WoW on a 42 inch LCD TV with my computer hooked up to it via HDMI and sitting on my couch about 10 feet away from the screen. And while this may cause my blindness later in life, I'm sitting on a couch with my keyboard and mouse in front of me.  It is very comfortable for me.

4) Music  - I always try to have some music playing in the background.  I'm usually listening to my collection of classic rock music on my computer from my Zune.  (I know. I'm in the minority, but I do have an IPad to make up for it.)  Nothing gets me more pumped up for the raid then to hear "Princes of the Universe" by Queen.  (Yes, it is the Highlander theme.)

Princes of the Universe by Queen

5) No Food Rule - As a general rule, I try not to eat during raids.  I'm using both hands on my keyboard and the worst thing in the world is to have chip grease on a keyboard.  Some people may need food during their raids.  I try to eat beforehand so I'm not messing up my keyboard.

6) Comfortable Clothes - If you play WoW naked, more power to you.  I'm sure I have seen you on Chatroulette.  (Please Stop Jerking Off)  I can't do it.  But I definitely don't mind putting on some shorts and a T-shirt and relaxing when I sit down to raid. 

So what other things do you do to get ready for raids or some other suggestions on things to do to get ready for raids?

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