Monday, May 3, 2010

10 Man ICC Hard Modes are.....Well, You Know

This weekend, one of our 10 man groups ran Hard Mode ICC for the first time.  We were able to down HM Marrowgar and HM Gunship.  Here are a few things we did for our strat for these fights as well as some of my other thoughts..

HM Marrowgar

Point 1:  When getting ready to pull for the first time, do not mix up Typhoon and Treants buttons.  We were almost ready to pull and I was going to place my treants in place to get ready to pull.  Instead, I accidentally hit the button for Typhoon.  I saw the wave moving towards the boss and just thinking, it may not hit him, please don't hit him, OH GOD, IT IS GOING TO HIT HIM.  It hit him.  This isn't our strat, but just a funny, embarrassing situation at the start of HM 10 mans.

Point 2:  Tanks do not get hit by Bone Spikes, ever.  Once we figured this out, the fight became easy.  During Bone Storm, we had all DPS and healers move over near the door where you come in and tanks moved to the opposite side of the room.  That way, Marrowgar traveled back and forth and give our DPS time to break out Bone Spikes without having to worry about Bone Storm as well.  Tanks really only have to dodge fire at that point.

Point 3:  I forgot how much fun tanking is.  We had our main bear tank leave the group on Saturday because she had to be somewhere else and I got to tank HM Marrowgar.  Tanking was my first love in WoW.  Moonkin was my second.  Now I feel like I'm in a three way with tanking and moonkin and want to enjoy it all.

HM Gunship

Point 1:  Not really that hard at all.  Axes hurt more and axe throwers should be taken out by range and gunners if it can be spared.  The fight last longer, especially if you are short on range, but it is not really difficult.

Point 2:  What is more awesome than one rocket bear?  Two rocket bears, that's what.  We ended up having two druids tanking HM Gunship, myself and a non-guild bear. 

We attempted HM Rotface one time.  I hate that vile gas.  Especially as the slime kiter.  (Nothing worse then a bear vomiting)  Of course, this was the first time I have kited those slimes, so it made it a little tough.  As a feral tank, you can hit the slime with a mangle and that will usually be sufficient to keep aggro until unstable ooze explosion and give you time to get away from the slime to start kiting.  I also got to be the abomination for Professor Putricide which was tougher than I thought it would be.  It took me a couple wipes to get a hang of the abomination mechanic but once I did, we got to phase 3.  Unfortunately, we ran out of room during phase 3 and called the raid due to people having other obligations.  However, we are resetting this week, so we will get more attempts at HMs.  And hopefully next time, I can give some advice from a moonkin perspective since the normal crew should be back.  Anybody have any advice on strats for other hardmodes that they use?

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