Monday, May 24, 2010

A Multi-Boxer's Plea to Blizzard

I was looking at MMO Champion and I saw a blue post comment that kind of ticked me off just a little bit.  Here is the quote:

There's no support for multi-boxing on our end. We tolerate it. For now.

Wait, so Blizzard is saying they don't want people to pay for multiple subscriptions at a time.  I understand not putting anything in the UI themselves that would help multi-boxers, but saying that you "tolerate" it, for "now".  In a company that is okay with people spending $25 for a horse or paying $3 per month for an AH app (which I will talk about this more in a later post, but it is awesome), they are not okay with people paying $30 or more per month for multiple accounts.  Yes, I can see some of the disadvantages.  (The person on the Bloodlust battlegroup who multi-boxes 5 shaman in Alterac Valley, I hate you with a passion.)  But I see a lot more advantages than disadvantages.

When leveling my mage and my hunter, I used RAF and multi-boxed my way to level 60.  Did it hurt anybody?  No.  Did I break the game in any way whatsoever?  No.  I currently do not have multiple accounts myself currently, but that is not saying that I will not want to level a paladin/shaman combo soon through RAF for the rocket.

I'm not a person who says I will leave the game for a certain reason.  It would take something terrible for me to say I quit this game. (Like buying weapons or armor with real money)  However, I have a feeling you are going to see the number of subscribers drop if Blizzard outlaws multi-boxing.  Not that they would actually lose players, but how many players have multiple accounts from multi-boxing.  I think it happens more than you think.  And I think it happens more than Blizzard thinks too.

So I'm begging Blizzard, please do not outlaw multi-boxing in WoW.  It is not something that breaks the game and it is more money for you.  Multi-boxing is a win-win.  Plus, you can take that money and make the AH app cheaper per month.


Qieth said...

I think that Blizzard's biggest beef with multiboxing is, yes, you pay for four accounts, but not indefinately. With a bit of hard work, you could get four characters up in a month, maybe two, which means 4-8 months of subscription. Then there are a few transfer fees, and thats it. While they may make a few more bucks on your accounts, these accounts aren't permanent.

So in short, you pay for getting 4 characters to level 80 very quickly. I'm sure Blizzard doesn't want this. Furthermore, it gives multiboxers an unfair advantage - one that they pay for - over people who are only capable of (or interested in) leveling one character. Blizzard is very much against unfairness in this way.

Redhawks said...


While I can understand the getting characters faster to level 80 argument, I still don't know if that is a reason for Blizzard to be upset about it. As you mentioned, you do only pay for the extra account as long as you need it. However, when players have more level 80s, this means they are playing the game more as well. How many people stop playing the game after they gear out their one level 80 and have canceled their account until Cataclysm? More characters is not necessarily a bad thing.

Also, the RAF only goes up to level 60. Leveling from 1 - 60 takes almost the same amount of time as going from 60 - 80.

In addition, they already give experienced players an advantage via heirloom items, transferring gold between characters, etc. Experienced players will always have an advantage over new players.

However, with all the quest being redone in Cataclysm, I would not be surprised if they stop the RAF for 6 months after Cataclysm in order for people to see the new quest lines, dungeons, etc. It would make sense for them to stop it for the new content.

If they did have an issue with multi-boxing, they could still do the RAF and just make it where the referrer can transfer heirloom gear to the new account although they are not on the same account for 90 days after opening the account and take away the triple XP gains. Because if I do the paladin/shaman combo I'm thinking of soon, then I wouldn't have to level one of them to level 10, give them heirloom gear, then pay to transfer them to the RAF account. Of course, without the triple XP, I probably wouldn't do it all.