Monday, May 17, 2010

How to Handle Sickness - Level A Mage. How to Get Sick Again - Level Enchanting.

Well, it has been over a week since my last blog post.  This has mainly been because I have been fighting a stomach bacteria, probably from undercooked hamburger.  (Thanks Applebee's)  However, while being sick and feeling on the verge of vomiting is not fun, I did get to level my mage with the time from being sick.  In a few short days, I went from level 73 to 80.    Now, I join the ranks of people who have two level 80s.  How did I do it?   Well, since DPS has a queue in the LFG, I quested while sitting in LFG.  Heirloom items did not hurt either.  So I am now running heroics trying to get my 5 piece T9 at the very least and then get the trinkets, etc.   Also, you geared people who run heroics need to try harder.  I know it is nothing for you at this point, but a mage in blues and greens should not be able to double your DPS by putting up 3k DPS on tank and spank boss fights.  That is just lazy.  Also, I'm still trying to figure out how to handle trash.  Blizzard does more damage but alternating rank 9 and 8 Flamestrike is more mana efficient.  My main spec is arcane for raiding/5 mans and my secondary spec is frostfire for soloing.  Now, I have to decide who I will level next.  I have a DK tank who I can get heirloom gear for or a warlock who I can give my mage's heirloom gear to.  Both are in the 60s.

I did raid on my moonkin this week, including clearing 25 man ToC for only the second time ever.  I was hoping for a better trinket than Shard of the Crystal Heart to drop, but unfortunately, it did not.  I did not do 10 mans however due to my illness.  Hopefully, tonight we will clear up to LK tonight on 25 mans and maybe get a kill if we extend this week.  We only have Blood Queen, Dreamwalker, Sindragosa, and then LK.

With my new level 80 mage, I picked my professions to level.  I chose enchanting and tailoring.  I decided to level enchanting first.  After a weekend of working on it, I'm currently at 351 with the mats to at least get it to 375.  Enchanting is really expensive.  I had 1700 gold on my mage after leveling.  I burned all of that plus a 1000 gold from my main to get to this point.  Thankfully, I have someone in my guild willing to give me the vellums needed to start making some money on enchanting so hopefully leveling the rest of the way won't hurt me too much.  It is expensive enchanting the same bracer, chest piece, or boot over and over again and not being able to sell it.  Also, one of the weird things I have figured out is that WotLK blues can be disenchanted with 325 enchanting but some of the greens cannot be disenchanting until 350.  I'm thinking with tailoring that I'm going to arcane nova my way through Deadmines and farm some cloth from there.  Then, I will probably take my bear tank and go through some of the higher instances and farm the other cloth up to 350 and then probably just run heroics and get frostweave.  Hopefully, leveling tailoring won't be as bad because every time I went to the AH to get arcane dust over the weekend, I could feel my stomach getting upset again.

Now that I'm back this week, I should be putting blog post out again at a more consistent rate.  So until next time, please send your enchanting mats or greens to Redheady on the Ner'zhul server. (J/K.  Kind of.)  Thanks.


Avatar said...

What spec did you level as? I have a 63 mage and wondering if I should go arcane or fire, hell some even say Frost.

Psynister said...

One thing that should have probably been pointed out to you sooner - you're doing it backwards.

By leveling your Tailoring first you can enchant whatever you make to level your skill, then disenchant everything you just made. Make another batch, enchant what you can, disenchant, rinse and repeat.

For getting your cloth together run through VC twice, then switch to Stocks. You can get three full clears on Stocks in the time it takes you to do a single VC run, but it's heavier on the Wool side than Linen. Horde will want BFD for wool though SFK isn't horrible.

For silk your best bet is still SM:Lib/Arm/Cath though it is a bit out of your way if your Alliance. Gnomer is another option if you want a shorter commute. Your best bet for Mageweave is Zul'Farak followed by Sunken Temple. Runecloth is Stratholme followed by BRD.

Having power leveled enchanting twice and tailing five times, I'll give you the heads up right now that Tailoring seems cheap and easy in the short run but once you start having to make Imbued Frostweave your leveling prices shoot through the roof. Even with lowered prices you're looking at over 50 stacks of dust.

Redhawks said...


Actually, it is very interesting on how I leveled my mage. I duelboxed and did RAF up to level 60 with a hunter. During that time, I went fire since I could have the hunter's pet tank for me. Once I hit 60, I sent my mage 1000 gold to have duel speccing. I used a frost spec with the eternal water elemental for solo content, but when I got into a group, I used arcane for two reasons. One, all the current mage theorycrafting says arcane does the highest DPS and wanted to get used to the basic rotation. Second, it just looked really good in 5 mans to be doing arcane.


Yeah, I figured that out too late. But what I'm thinking I'm going to do from now on is stop leveling enchanting once I hit 375 since I can disenchant anything from there and then level tailoring and disenchant all the gear on the way up. Plus I can start putting all the enchants on vellum now that I hit 375 and get a lot of gold hopefully. I currently have about 15 stacks of infinite dust. Thanks for the advice on how to powerlevel tailoring as well. That is great.

Psynister said...


As for your spec, Arcane doesn't
have a rotation until you hit level 64 and get Arcane Blast.

Frost is the way to go until 64 because it has the best survivability while soloing and the best AoE damage while running dungeons. Fire's not bad but it's a threat generating machine as it lives and dies by crits and burst damage. If you're going to run dungeons as Fire you better be real familiar with your Ice Block spell.

At 64 Arcane becomes top DPS by a long shot, easily doing 3-4x the DPS I was as Frost (two level 80 mages, btw) and around 2x the DPS of Fire. Granted, I wasn't using the permanent elemental as Frost so it might have been closer on the DPS if I had been, but not by much.

I had a dual spec since level 40 but never had any use for a second one except for PvP. Level as Frost to 64 then switch to Arcane for everything except PvP which Frost is still the king of. Don't bother switching back to Fire until you have T10 raiding gear and have reached the Haste cap.