Thursday, October 7, 2010

Redhawkenomics - My Attempts at Auction House Playing and Market Manipulation

So, I broke down and with the news of guild chat, I decided to go ahead and get the remote AH.  Plus, it will be handy when I'm leveling and not at my computer to get rid of all the stuff I find.  But it also has got me very interested in playing the AH.  I would like to recount three stories of playing the Auction House.

1) Primordial Saronite - The Primordial Saronite on my market is really depressed.  I mean, really depressed.  Last night, I was able to buy 5 Primordials for 1500 gold.  However, my mage, Redrobin, is a 450 tailor with one 264 pattern, the Deathfrost Boots.  I have made two sets of the boots.  My mats cost less than 1750 gold per boots if I have to buy the Primordials.  My first pair sold for 3,500 gold.  My second pair is currently on the AH for 4,000 gold.  I'm using the Primordials I get from raiding and getting 24 Frost badges per week just for clearing 25 man ICC, sending them to Redrobin, making profit from tailoring.

2) Tankard O' Terror - On Tuesday, Brewfest ended, which means no more Tankards until next year, which will all be level 85.  There were 17 Tankards on the AH that were less than 100 gold.  The other 2 were 380 gold and 1200 gold.  I bought all 17 of the cheap tankards and relisted them for 300 gold each.  I don't know how well this will go, especially with Cataclysm announced for 12/7/10, but worst case scenario, I send them to my enchanter, disenchant them, shatter them, and put them up on the AH during Cataclysm when people are leveling up enchanting.  So the way I look at it, it is medium risk for a pretty good reward if they sell.

3) Flying Carpets - Somebody was trying to undercut the market on Flying Carpets made by tailors by pricing them at about 70 gold.  They tried it twice.  Well, thankfully, all the alts I have in the 60s make it really easy to get mats.  I bought the 70 gold Flying Carpet and relisted it two gold under the other Flying Carpet, which was 290 gold.   I had one sell for that price.  Even if I sell the other for 150 gold, I have made my profit back plus some.

I'm sure there are quite a few more, from disenchanting greens while leveling my paladin/shaman combo to heavy knothide leather, which is really expensive.  I'm not an expert, but I would recommend you go to Just My Two Copper where they are much better at making gold than I am.

Also, this weekend, I will be commencing with other famous druids at Shift Happens: A Druid Round Table.  We have got the recording schedule and I will be with Astrylian from Rawr, Immamoonkin, Keeva, and Hamlet from Elitist Jerks.  I'm looking forward to definitely talking some moonkin and maybe talking a little feral tank as well.

Also, I'm looking for some guest bloggers for the next two weeks while I'm having surgery and recovering.  If you are interested, you can hit me up on Twitter @redhawksgaze or at my e-mail, (Also, you can use that e-mail for some RealIDage)


Moonra said...

now I know what cat has been stealing my auctions and making a pile of G... looking forward to the podcast!

Viktory said...

Glad to see more guildies getting into the AH action. The best rule I've heard about the AH is that it's all about "buy low and sell normal". Huge profits are rare with a server our size, but mid-level profits can be made 100 times each day.

Redhawks said...


Thanks. And I am too. I can't wait for Saturday. Hopefully, it won't turn into anything close to what happened during Leet Sauced.


That is what I'm finding. There is nothing that is making me 3k gold at a time, but I'm getting 150 gold a day from enchanting mats, enchants, and a few tailoring things. I just was in IF yesterday and between ports and making enchants, not even AHing them, I made 170 gold.