Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Christmas in July Contest - The Results

A couple weeks ago, I gave an update on the current results of the Christmas in July Contest.  Here were the winners of the first two questions.

Cataclysm Release Date Announced (10/4/10):  Loganw (Guess was 9/23/10)
Cataclysm Release Date (12/7/10): Alero (Guess was 12/1/10)

However, at that time, there was one question that was still up in the air.  The release date of 4.0, which actually turned out to 4.0.1.  Here were the top three winners for that question.  Remember, it has to be the closest without going over.

4.0.1 Release Date (10/12/10)
1) One Tree Heal (Guess was 10/10/10)
2) Natrii (Guess was 9/21/10)
3) Alero (Guess was 9/17/10)

So, as I thought was possible, we have three different people closer on one of the dates a piece.  This means we have to go to the tiebreaker.  The tiebreaker is who is the closest on all their guess by the least number of days.  This doesn't matter if it is over or not, it is just who is the closest.  Let us start with Loganw, then One Tree Heal, then Alero.

Loganw Tiebreaker
Cataclysm Release Date Announced: 9/23/10 (Off by 11 days)
4.0 Release Date: 11/15/10 (Off by 34 days)
Cataclysm Release Date: 12/13/10 (Off by 6 days)
Total Days Off By: 51 Days

One Tree Heal Tiebreaker
Cataclysm Release Date Announced: 9/12/10 (Off by 22 days)
4.0 Release Date: 10/10/10 (Off by 2 days)
Cataclysm Release Date: 11/5/10 (Off by 32 days)
Total Days Off By: 56 Days

Alero Tiebreaker
Cataclysm Release Date Announced: 8/25/10 (Off by 40 days)
4.0 Release Date: 9/17/10 (Off by 25 days)
Cataclysm Release Date: 12/1/10 (Off by 6 days)
Total Days Off By: 71 Days

So, here is the final lineup of winners from this contest.

1st Place (FigurePrint of Your Character): Loganw
2nd Place (Warcraft Razer Mouse): One Tree Heal
3rd Place (PrintCraft Poster): Alero

Also, as a treat to Loganw, who is a close follower of the site, I give him this.

Congratulations to all the major prize winners.  But we are not done with prizes yet.  Yes, we have some authenticators to award.  Any of the current prize winners are ineligible but I'm randomly drawing for the three authenticators.  The random drawing is being done thanks to random.org.  The number comment you were determined what number you were in the generator.

Authenticator Winners
1) Brandon
2) Antlergirl
3) Natrii

All the winners will be contacted by e-mail although I hope they read it here first.  Congratulations to all the Christmas in July Contest Winners.


Loganw said...

That picture is classic!

Brb doing a victory lap yelling in excitement around my house!

Redhawks said...


Congrats on winning. Hopefully, you got the gift certificate today.

Also, if you read my blog and you are One Tree Heal, get in touch with me please. I need your e-mail to send you your award.

One Tree Heal said...

Hi Redhawks,

Thanks so very much for the awesome prize!! I have it here at work but will open it when i get home. My gf will have mouse envy for a few weeks im sure. Thanks so much, i never thought i'd actually win anything.

You rock. Blog rocks. prize rocks. =D