Monday, October 4, 2010

Accidental Leveling. Yes, It Can Occur.

Let me tell you about my past weekend in WoW.  Not too long ago, I decided to change my main's professions from skinning and mining to leatherworking and jewelcrafting.  Now, the smart thing would have been to drop mining, pick up leatherworking, and go skin all the stuff I need.  For some reason, I was not thinking that day and I dropped both.  Well, I hit level 300 leatherworking and found that Knothide Leather was incredibly expensive on the AH. 

So I had to level up skinning again.  Thankfully, it is relatively easy to level up skinning.  I decided to use my DK, who was level 64 at the time.  Main reason I chose my DK is because DKs start with all the old world flight points which make it very easy to get around.  Plus, I already have flying in Outland on my DK, which makes it even easier.  Well, I got up to level 300 skinning in the old world and knew it was time to go to Outland to level up to 375.  I started killing boars in Hellfire when I remembered that I still get XP for killing Outland mobs.  Before I hit 330, I had hit level 65. 

When I hit 330, I decided to head over to Nagrand to kill all the skinnable mobs over there to get more Knothide Leather.  Before I knew it, I was a fourth of the way to level 66.  I decided that to break up the monotony of skinning, I would queue as DPS in the LFD and do some Outland dungeons.  After a couple dungeons and quite a few skinnings, I was level 66. 

I sent the Knothide Leather to my main and got quite a few more levels (I think it was at 325).  So, it was time to hop back on the DK.  I did some more skinning and a few more LFGs and now I'm level 67.  I am one level away from Northrend and I really didn't even intend it.  I was just skinning.  Because of that, I have now decided to just level up my DK the rest of the way to level 80, mainly because I need to get to level 68 so I can go get some Borean Leather to finish leveling up my leatherworking.  Then I can tank the rest of the way to level 80 once I hit 450 leatherworking. 

You hear funny stories about people leveling up just by going into a new zone.  There are a bunch of other funny ways that I have seen people level up.  What are some of the unusual ways you have seen people level up?

Also, today is a special day.  Expect a second blog post with some exciting info about the Christmas in July contest.  We won't have winners today, but we will have a better idea of who is going to win.

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