Thursday, October 28, 2010

4.0.1's Most Annoying Bugs

As with every single patch, there is inevitably going to be bugs.  Some are minor and unnoticeable usually.  Others make you want to pull your hair out by the roots.  Here are my most annoying bugs of 4.0.1. from least to most.

4) Trial of the Champion Lance Disconnect - As someone who has basically stopped doing the Argent Tourney stuff, I usually don't have a lance on me.  So when I get Trial of the Champion 5 man, I have to get a lance off the shelf.  Every single time I have done that, I have disconnected from the game.  Usually, I can get back in before they actually start the fight, but it still is annoying.

3) Headless Horsemen Disconnect - Tanks are cowering at clicking the pumpkin to start the Headless Horsemen fight.  Not that the fight is overly difficult, but it seems that a lot of people are immediately disconnecting.  Pretty much every Headless Horsemen fight, the tank ask for someone else to start it.  I volunteered to once and it just immediately kicked me out.

2) Teleport Out of Dungeon Bug  - Sometimes, you are looking through your bags and you are the last person left in a 5 man.  This means that you can't leave group because nobody else is there.  However, you can usually press the Teleport Out of Dungeon bug and it will drop you up where you queued from.  However, after 4.0.1, it seems to bug out every so often.  This leaves one of two options.  Either you hearth or you run back to the start of the instance.  Both options are kind of annoying.

1) The ICC Rez Bug - This is the one that pisses me off more and more everyday.  If you have a wipe in ICC, when you release one of two things can happen.  Either you are a ghost in the graveyard and can just go back into the raid normally or you rez fully at the graveyard.  If you rez fully at the graveyard, gankers are taking advantage of this bug to get some free honor kills.  Then when you die, you run into the rez timer so you have to wait 30 seconds before you can rez again, where the ganker will inevitably kill you again.  It then becomes an endless cycle until somebody kills the ganker, which won't be you because you won't have full health or mana.  It makes me want to strangle a puppy every time it happens.

I'm sure there are some more bugs, but those are the ones that are driving me nuts right now.  What bugs have you run into in game after the patch.


Asros said...

4 and 3 are related to the cog wheel issue which was just fixed on tuesday.

The ICC bug, im finding, is that i rez alive whenever the group is still in combat. Not sure if that is 100% accurate, though.

Anonymous said...

The teleport out of dungeons are mostly a druid problem, because you cant teleport out when in any form.
Dropping form has made the option work for me every time.

Linedan said...

The most recent little patchette seems to have finally fixed the "cog" bug that was causing the disconnects on the lance racks and the pumpkin (as well as any other gear item with a single-line tooltip).

The ICC rez bug is also a problem on PvE servers. You won't get ganked, but you can accidentally run off the cliff and die again if you don't notice that you aren't dead and on a spectral gryphon...

Redhawks said...


I noticed that the cog wheel does seem better since Tuesday so hopefully they were able to fix it. As far as the ICC bug, I tried it both ways and it leans a little towards waiting until the boss respawns, but it still happens sometimes.


I haven't tried that but I will give it a try the next time it happens.


Very true about running off the cliffs. Even on a PvP server, we had one of our players just run off the cliff without realizing he was actually alive.