Saturday, July 24, 2010

Welcome to the New Redhawk's Gaze

If you are a long time reader of my blog, I'm sure you have noticed the first of many changes on this site.  The first thing you will have noticed is the new design.  A little darker colors with a starry background to bring more moonkinness out of the site. 

In addition, I'm sure you have noticed a few other changes that have been made.  The first one is I have incorporated Google Conversation Web Elements to give a chat room for the site.  This is a place where you can post WoW questions or just talk to others about anything.  Come in, post your thoughts, and have some fun.  I had someone ask about turn around time for questions.  I will try to get to them daily at least if not more than once a day.

Also, you will notice the new music tab.  While most people give you just a few songs they like, I like to give you whole stations to listen to.  You will notice that I have three stations currently, but will be added to this once I find more stations.  In addition, you will soon find my Last.Fm channel there as well.

Next, you will notice the screenshots section.  While this will mostly be for my screenshots, if you see something interesting in game and you want to send it to me, you can use the Contact button on the end to send me an e-mail. 

Also, you see the WoW blogs and WoW twitter list.  I'm going to be populating those with some of the blogs that I currently read, but if you have a blog or a twitter that you would like to promote, please leave a comment in that section.

The final thing is the contact section.  I'm still open to getting some more RealID friends. (No stalkers please.  Unless women stalkers. Just kidding about the women stalkers too.  My girlfriend would kill me.)  You will also find a list of all my characters if you have any questions in game and want to get in touch with me.

So I hope everybody enjoys the new site and I would love some feedback on things to do or changes to make.  Also, remember to enter our Christmas in July contest.  You have less than a week to enter to win some great prizes.

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