Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Christmas In July Contest - Win Free Stuff From Redhawk's Gaze

I saw a tweet from one of the people I follow that their guild was doing this.  I thought it would be a great idea to do this on my blog.  They are having a pool on the release date of Cataclysm with prizes, etc.  Here are the rules for the Redhawk's Gaze Christmas In July Contest.

1) Leave a comment in this post with the following information.

- E-mail
- Name (Just cannot be Anonymous)
- Character Name
- Date that Cataclysm release date is announced
- Patch 4.0 release date
- Cataclysm release date

2)  This contest is working on what I call the Price is Right principle.  You cannot be over on your guess.  If Cataclysm release date is 12/1/10 and you guess 12/2/10, you will not win for that question unless everybody guesses over and we then move to whoever guess the closest and is over.  This is true for all three questions.

3) Since there is no chance of Cataclysm or any other of those dates being released in July, all entries must be in by July 31st, 2010 at 11:59 PM EST.  If by chance the Cataclysm release date is leaked in July, that question will become null and void.

4) The person who gets to the closest on all 3 release dates will win the grand prize.  If you get 2 of the 3 closest and somebody else gets the other 1 of the 3 the closest, the person who guessed 2 of the 3 closest will win even if they guess over on the third one.

5) Here are the prizes for this contest:

First Place Prize:  FigurePrints of any of your characters - $130 value
Second Place Prize:  A WoW Official Razer Mouse - $80 value
Third Place Prize - A PrintWarcraft Poster of any of your characters - $18 value

I will also be choosing 3 random people who reply in the post who will get an authenticator (unless they won one of the bigger prizes).  If you would not like to be considered for that because you have one, just put in your entry that you are not interested in the authenticator.  That way, it can help somebody who does need it.

6) In the event of a tie, the person who posted first will be the one to get the closest point for that question.

7) This is open to anybody who is interested in this contest.  I was thinking about limiting it to US only, but two of the prices can be sent as a gift certificate sent to your e-mail and the mouse is the only one that has to be mailed.

So there is not much else to say about this contest.  Have some fun.  Spread it to your friends and guild mates and tell them to come check out the blog and get some free stuff in the process and have some fun.


Natrii said...

Todd S.
Release date announce is 8/15/10
4.0 9/21/10
Cata will come out 11/18/10

my psychic powers will not fail me.

Brandon said...

Brandon M.

Loganw said...

Sean B.
Release date announcement: 9/23/10
patch 4.0: 11/15/10
Cata release: 12/13/10

Maria said...

- Date that Cataclysm release date is announced: 31.08.2010
- Patch 4.0 release date: 20.10.2010
- Cataclysm release date: 15.12.2010

Anonymous said...

- the420421@hotmail.com
- Tracey Newport
- Nomnomber
- 08/22/10
- 10/25/10
- 11/8/10

Anonymous said...

- sil.nixon@hotmail.com
- Sil Nixon
- Orronil
- 8/20/2010
- 9/16/2010
- 11/11/2010

Alero said...

- evenjohansen@hotmail.com
- Even A. Johansen
- Alero
- 08/25/10
- 09/17/10
- 12/01/10

One Tree Heal said...

Release Date Announced: Sept 12, 2010
4.0 Release: Oct 10, 2010
Cata Release: Nov. 05, 2010

Daniel said...

Daniel Archdale
Release date announced 09/20/2010
4.0 - 10/24/2010
Cataclysm Release 11/30/2010

Superia said...

Kasey W.

Oh, and I'm not interested in the authenticator. I grabbed my little core hound pup already. :D