Thursday, June 24, 2010

Site News - New Domain, WoWCentric, and Thanks

I have just a few exciting announcements to tell you about the blog.

First, do you hate having to type out all those extra characters for Blogspot stuff to reach Redhawk's Gaze?  Well, now, you no longer have to.  I now have, the direct link to the site for you to use to make it easier to get here.

Second, the blog is going to be listed on WoW Centric, which is going to be an online collection of blogs, comics, and podcast that are all related to WoW.  I am also honored to be under the sections for Druids and Raiding, since I tend to talk about both of these topics regularly on this blog.  The site is currently in beta, but will be coming to you soon.

Third, I want to say a big thank you to everybody who comes and reads this blog.  So far in the month of June, we have had almost 300 unique visits and almost 600 page views and we still have a week to go.  I never would have imagined those statistics in my third month of doing this, so thank you.

Finally, I want to go ahead and let you know about some of the guest post we do have for next week.  The first guest blogger we will have next week is Natrii from Natriicraft, who will be doing a post on designing an effective UI for raiding.  The second guest blogger will be Variant Avatar, who will be discussing DK tanking and the different builds, etc. to be an efffective DK tank.  I am also working with a couple other people to try to have a couple more days of guest bloggers for next week while I'm on vacation and am enjoying the beach.

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