Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Podcast and Gaming Music - What's on My Zune!

That's right.  I said it.  I have a Zune.  I have an iPad for my internet browsing and a Zune for my music listening.  I hold no alliances.

In a more serious blogging note, I am trying to find something until I can time to sit at my gaming computer and write the gear with Emblems of Triumph or  lower for mages, moonkins, and feral tanks for new level 80s.  However, until I have access for all of that, I decided to go through some of my favorite podcast as well as some of my gaming music while I'm raiding/playing WoW.  Let me start with podcasts.


Bind on Equip - This has become the first podcast I listen to as soon as it updates.  It is incredibly informative and is a lot of fun to listen to.  I also enjoy the spots where they put in cash sponsor's names into pre-made commercial slots.  They also do something that a lot of WoW podcast do not do and they bring what is going on in their actual lives, not just their WoW characters.

The Instance - This is one of the first WoW podcast that I have ever listened to.  I still enjoy it to this day.  I will say that their content has gotten a little blue as of late, which has made me enjoy it a little more.

Raid Warning - Fair warning:  Do not go to this show for WoW content.  Yes, they have some WoW content, but it is stuff you will hear elsewhere.  They have two great things going for them.  One, the class round tables are incredible to listen to.  Second, the hosts get drunk and some of the funniest stuff comes out of their mouths.  And sometimes, in to their mouths.  Also, this was started in the Totally Rad Guild, so I heard about this one before most people ever heard of it.

Outlandish - Funny podcast again.  The music parodies rival any of the best WoW parodies you probably have ever heard.  The add on commercials are awesome.  The 3.5 segments are incredible, even if they get absurd at times. 

Weekend Confirmed - This is my one non-WoW podcast that I listen to and this goes back to my love for 1UP Yours.   


Most of the time, I just turn my Zune Desktop Player to shuffle and let it keep going.  However, there are a few albums I will listen start to finish while I'm raiding.  Here is my list without any commentary because everybody is going to have different music taste.

The Platinum Collection by Queen
Greatest Hits by Survivor
The Very Best of Meat Loaf by Meat Loaf
The Wall by Pink Floyd
Greatest Hits by Boston
Greatest Hits by Guns N' Roses 

This is by no means a complete list of my favorite music, but these are some of the highlights.   What are some of your favorite music/podcast to listen to.  I'm a classic rock fan, so I tend to go that way, but I'm sure people have some of their favorites as well.


Natrii said...

I like Show tunes and alternative Rock for pvp, though Queen will give ya some epic battle music,Mama!!!! Jusk Killed a Man!!!...That is soo amazing if you flow it right with a shatter combo on a mage :P

Redhawks said...


I could definitely rock out some Rent or Chicago while raiding. I think the first time we pulled LK, I had on Eye of the Tiger by Survivor. It was just epic.