Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Golf and WoW - Is It Possible?

Over this Memorial Day weekend, I actually got to go play two rounds of golf with my family, one on Friday and one on Saturday.  I am not an expert by any stretch.  In fact, I shot a 60......on the front 9.  If you know anything about golf, par for the entire course is 72 usually. 

However, I am very good at video game golf.  I have always loved the Hot Shots series as well as the Tiger Woods Golf Games.  So when I heard the news that the goblins are building a golf course in Azshara, it got me thinking on all the fun things that could be done with a World of Warcraft golf mini-game.  Think of all the possibilities.

1)  Gambling - Get a few friends together and place a bet of 100 gold per hole and make it like a skins game.  That would be an awesome way to have some legitimate gambling in WoW. 

2) Engineering - I could definitely see rocket powered golf balls that could drive the distance of a par 4.  Or a club that added extra power to your swing.  Or a parachute golf ball that will open at the height of the arc and travel down slowly.

3) Tournaments for Pets/Mounts - They could put on tournaments like the fishing tourney where the winner would get an incredible prize, like a pet or a mount. 

4) Ganking/World PvP - Wouldn't it be awesome if the golf course was a kind of world PvP where you had to gain control of the golf course and then you have 3 hours to play golf.  In addition, you would be open on the golf course.  Couldn't you see a rogue using a seven iron to fight off a ganker.  They could even make golf clubs as actual weapons.

5) Golf Cart Races - When I was younger, this is what would get me in trouble at the golf course.  My friends would race the golf carts around the course.  I could see the golf course having golf carts that come equipped with weapons, etc.

This is one of the best ideas I think that have come to the game in a while and if they implement World of Warcraft golf, it would be something fresh and new to do in the game.

Later this week, I'm going to be writing a blog on  how to get almost all your gear for mages and moonkins before you step foot into your first raid and I will be throwing up my recommended pre-raid, emblem only, gear.

Also, I mentioned this on my Twitter feed, but Redhawk's Gaze got a mention on Bind on Equip by Wemb.  I wanted to thank the show for talking about the blog.  I would highly recommend checking out that podcast.  It is one of the best podcast on the internet and one of the few podcast that I listen to about WoW. 

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