Friday, April 23, 2010

The Ten Commandments of Battle Rezzing

It seems like the easiest thing for a druid.  When you see a raid member go down,  you know that you have the ability to get them up quickly. However, this can backfire very quickly for you and the person your rezzing.  Let me share my story of battle rezzing fail.

On the night we downed 10 man Lich King, one of our earlier attempts was going along smoothly.  We were in the transition phase between phase 1 and phase 2.  All of a sudden, one of my fellow raid members went down.  A battle rez was called for by the raid leader and he called on me to get him up.  I cast the battle rez not thinking about location.  It was just as the area where I was standing was two seconds away from collapsing.  So my raid member got the battle rez then immediately fell off the platform because there was no platform where I was standing.  Since it is hard to get through the valkyrie phase with one less DPS, a wipe was called.  A wipe that could have been prevented if I would have followed the ten commandments of battle rezzing.

Yes, I like trollcats/lolcats.  You will see a lot of cat pictures.

THE TEN COMMANDMENTS OF BATTLE REZZING (as told by Ceiling Cat to Redhawks)

1) Thou shalt not cast battle rez unless called upon by raid leader. - This is a general rule.  There is no reason to battle rez if a wipe is going to be called two seconds later.

2) The druid that calls dibs on battle rez first has dibs. - There is nothing worse than having two battle rezs go off when only one is necessary.  You just wasted a cool down and a possible battle rez for later.

3) Thou shalt not cast battle rez in a location that will not be available in 10 seconds. - This is the commandment I broke.  Why the limit of 10 seconds?  Because 10 seconds will be enough time for the person being rezzed to take the rez, be healed up to full, and get buffs that can be cast.  Fights where this hold true is Lich King transition phases, 3rd phase of Professor Putricide depending on where you are standing, and Rotface slime pools.

4) Thou shalt not battle rez in times of massive raid wide damage. - If you know the raid is about to take massive raid wide damage, do not use your battle rez.  If you use it, you will have someone rezzed who has a small percentage of his health and then getting hit with the raid wide damage.  Fights where this occur is Marrowgar during bone storm, Deathwhisper if bolts are not being interrupted like they should be, Festergut prior to gastric bloat explosion, Rotface prior to unstable ooze explosion, Blood Queen during air phase, Dreamwalker if a blazing skeleton is up, Sindragosa if it is air phase, and Lich King if vile spirits are about to attack in phase 3 or it is the transition phases with Pain and Suffering being cast on the raid. 

5) Thou shalt not battle rez during times which certain distance must be maintained. - If it is a fight where distance must be maintained between raid members, it is recommended to not battle rez during that time.  Now sometimes it can come and go, like during Blood Council with Empowered Shock Vortex.  Other times, it is better to pick the best time, like with the Festergut fight.  The best time to rez during Festergut is when you are in position to get the spores buff/debuff since you know you won't get the vomiting debuff and can't spread it to the person you just rezzed.  Other notable fights with this include Saurfang if you have Blood Boil, Putricide if you are stunned by the green ooze during unstable experiment, air phase of Blood Queen, if you are marked for beacon during either air phase or phase 3 of Sindragosa, or if you are marked for defile during Lich King phases 2 or 3.

6) If at all possible, thou shalt not battle rez in places that will be damaged soon. - In some fights this is next to impossible.  Everybody has had a battle rez go off during Lady Deathwhisper only for the place you are standing to get hit with death and decay a second later.  This becomes the responsibility of the person being rezzed though communication with the person casting the rez is important.  If you see it, tell them to hold off on rezzing until that area is clear.  Just because you send the battle rez does not mean they have to take it.  Other times though, it is clearly on the rezzer.  If you see malleable goo headed towards you during the Professor Putricide fight, stop the battle rez cast and move and then recast your battle rez.  If you cast it, they will more than likely get hit and be dead.  In addition, you may still get hit by it and then you have two dead raid members instead of one.  Pretty much every fight in ICC has some mechanic where this would hold true.

7) Thou shalt realize situations where you shall not battle rez at all. -  This is where Mark of the Fallen Champion during Saurfang comes into play.  If you rez him, your raid member will die again and will heal Saurfang for even more.  Another place where this comes into play is the Blood Queen fight after somebody has been mind controlled.

8) DPS is not as important as battle rezzing a fellow raid member but tanking and healing hold precedence over battle rezzing. -  Yes, you may get shifted out of cat form or moonkin form to battle rez, but your job at that point is to battle rez your raid member.  Your lower DPS will be excused for getting a raid member up and downing a boss.  Now if  you are a healer and it is a choice between battle rezzing and keeping the tank up, keep the tank up.  If it is a choice between tanking or battle rezzing, tank or have another tank taunt the boss off of you so you can battle rez.  I have seen some tanks who can cast Barkskin and then battle rez, but I have only seen that in 5 man dungeons and not raid environments.

9)   Thou shalt not battle rez on trash. - Lazy people can come back in during trash pulls and catch up with you or just wait until the end of the trash and rez them normally.  Save battle rezes for bosses only.

10) If you have a choice between battle rezzing a druid and another player, thou shalt battle rez the druid. - The most obvious reason behind this is that if you battle rez the druid, they can battle rez the other player.  Remember to follow the other commandments when following this one.

That is my ten commandments of battle rezzing.  Why did I choose the ten commandments to pass these rules along.  First, I had ten things to say about battle rezzing.  Second, and the bigger reason, is all druids will be guilty of breaking one of these at times.  Nobody is perfect, just like nobody is perfect in keeping the actual Ten Commandments.  This is just a part of raid awareness and is something that takes developing when playing as a druid.


Jasyla said...

I always thought ceiling cat watched something else...

I think these are good commandments for a druid, but you can't let the person getting battle rezzed off the hook completely. I'll toss my battle rez out when there is a lull in healing. If I do it at a bad time, I'll try to call out over vent for the person to wait a sec before taking it. But the person being rezzed needs to pay attention and not hit accept at a time when they're going to be immediately killed again.

Redhawks said...


Yes, Ceiling Cat does watch you masturbate too. However, have you ever tried to do that and play WoW? It is next to impossible. Plus Ceiling Cat is around when you are not doing that too.

And I absolutely agree with you about some of the responsibility in a battle rez is on the rezee. (I don't even know if this is a word or not, but I'm inventing now.) My GM likes to say that it takes two people to do a battle rez but only one to mess it up.